Sample Anthropology Essay Paper on The Effect On The Natural Habitat Of The Species


Maria Hernandez Pina

Your point on climate change and the effect on the natural habitat of the species is well illustrated. From published studies, it has been discovered that primate habitat is likely to experience the effect of the changing environmental patterns more severely as compared to the non-primate habitats. There are changes not only in temperatures but also in the rainfall patterns, which makes it difficult for species to adapt to the climate changes. The main reason as to why interruption of habitats for primates can be devastating is because they have few options for food. With the maximum of only two options that the primates can rely on, it is very difficult to survive and only the best can outdo the feeble. Apes overpowered monkeys in the survival of the fittest because of their stature, which is supreme in terms of their aggressiveness and ability.

Audrey Mae Garcia

That is a very appealing discovery on the impact of Miocene Epoch. The shifts in positions of continents had a significant impact which led to variations in global patterns. There was different conditions exhibited by each continent because of the continental drift. For instance, in North America, there was formation of mountains, which, in turn, led to increased drought and a decrease in rainfall, which created a conducive environment for drier climates. Open habitat herbivores and carnivores was due to the spreading grasslands influenced by drier climates. This is the reason why the primates had to evolve and adapt to the new environment as a habitat. The apes could not survive because they had adapted to trees as their natural habitat and the decrease of trees meant a threat to their survival.