Sample Anthropology Essay Paper on Creative Explosion

Creative Explosion

 In the upper Paleolithic, people respected life and upheld it in high regard. This contributed extensively to the creative exposure of human beings. Leaders in the community were viewed as being perfect creatures. A good example is the Venus figurines, a portrait that depicts women as being productive in terms of childbearing. Most of the art portrayed some of the features of a woman, such as the breast, buttocks and stomach. This did not only show the fertility characteristic of women but also their social ties to the community as well as nature. Another example is where women images would incorporate plant leaves that were weaved in particular patterns. Second, I think the exposure came as a result of livelihood. Men were hunters while their women would be left at home looking after the young ones. This is why most of the functional tools were decorated with images of predators, items and hunted animals. Examples of these images include the lion, rhinoceros, reindeer, horses, birds, and bison, mammoth and pregnant women. The old generation would teach their young ones about nature by demonstrating to them the animals through painting on the walls so that they could remember. This was to pre-arm them while creating awareness about the surrounding.

Creative explosion is so important to the understanding of the diversity of societies and cultural relativism today due to the following reasons. First, the period of creative explosion shows respect for human life, an action that is crucial to the understanding of cultural relativism. In so doing, one is able to appreciate the cultural diversity of people as well as their practices. Second, it was a communication strategy of delivering ideas from one generation to the other, different cultures would apply different strategies and images that depicted their surroundings. Thus, knowledge of creative explosion is crucial in examining the origin of cultures.