Sample Anthropology Essay On Stone Artifacts and Living Organism

Homework Question on Stone Artifacts and Living Organism

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What are some of the main differences between a stone artifact and a living organism?

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Artifacts are scientific objects that have been made or naturally available are considered very important for historical and education purposes. Some artifacts are used to trace our historical origin and life. Living organism on the other hand is continuously living and reproduces through various means. These two are different in so many ways

Living organisms can reproduce young ones but stone artifacts are there for their intrinsic value and do not reproduce. Living things live and are known to make movements, they also grow or multiply cells, they can respond in different ways when they are touched and must consume food to gain energy and strength to move about. Human beings have to move from one point to another.

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Living organisms also die at one point and change form completely. Artifacts do not die and may exist for as long as possible as long as they are properly preserved or kept in a proper environment that does not corrode them. Living organisms also grow with time but artifacts do not grow at all. Reproduction is a preserve of living organism but artifacts do not reproduce or exhibit any form of reproduction.