Sample Anthropology Essay Summary on Religious Tolerance

Religious Tolerance

Religious tolerance is described as the ability of people from diverse religious backgrounds to tolerate the views and cultures associated with different religious beliefs. As there are different ethnic backgrounds, different races and different cultures, so are there different religions. Religious intolerance can result in several adverse effects such as war, death and hatred among people. The only way people can achieve meaningful interactions across different cultures is to be accommodative of the views and opinions that come with those cultures.

One of the ways through which people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds can develop accommodative practices is through involvement in integrating sporting activities. Collaborative sports can enjoin people of diverse beliefs due to the ability to put away differences and work together in teams for the accomplishment of common objectives. Meaningful engagement in such sporting activities can result in the formation of culturally diverse tea ms that surpass religious or other forms of differences.

In cases where such sporting activities are prevalent, the creation of culturally diverse communities can be achieved. This explains the reason why countries in which religious tolerance is imminent experience deep peace. One of the countries in which this is experienced in Mauritius, the country has a huge population of Muslims, Hindus and Christians. Through the integration of these cultures and good religious relations, the country attracts many tourists. Others that have advanced in terms of religious tolerance include Canada and the United States. Although prominent religious leaders across the world may come up to voice their advocacy for religious tolerance, countries with high levels of intolerance experience great undesirability and conflict. Celebrities can also help in paving the way towards religious tolerance.


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