Sample Anthropology Argumentative Essay On Egypt’s Battle around Coal

Homework Question on Egypt’s Battle around Coal

  • I would like the writer to write about coal in an environmental way.
  • First, i mean i have to write about the issue of coal that is related to other countries abroad other than Egypt.
  • Then, i would like the writer to write about the issue of coal that is related only to Egypt.

Homework Answer on Egypt’s Battle around Coal


By 2013, coal contributed to about 41% of the world’s electrical energy needs. Coal properties are extensively distributed all over world and supply is not only concentrated to a few areas as is the issue of natural gas and oil. The major exporting states including Australia, Russia, South Africa, Colombia and the United States (U.S.) are constitutionally stable. Furthermore, the fact that about 90% of the exporter is from majorly these six states advocates for the necessity for further divergence. Since the beginning of the 21st century, coal production has been the most aggregating source of fuel worldwide. Whilst the draft IEA figures indicates a slight decline by 2014, caused by deterioration in China and some other remarkable conditions like strife in Ukraine (Lin and Jiang-hua 3).

Coal Globally

The Universal coal usage has been increasing drastically. Coal was fastest rising key source of fuel during the past years up to the year 2013, but the demand progression has gone down of late. Principally data for the year 2014 indicated the first actual deterioration since the 1990s, but the key cause was a reported fall in the Chinese demand that is mainly based on first hand data. Coal demand in China is popping as the economy of the country is gradually shifting to one that is based on service delivery and less on energy intensive producers (Stracher and Tammy 4). The newly introduced Chinese Hydro, atomic, wind as well as solar electricity sources of energy also considerably decreasing coal power production. The Chinese contribution in world’s coal making is practically 4 times that of Saudi Arabia in oil output. China constitutes half of the overall coal usage, making its contribution of need over two times that of the U.S. for oil. In general, the Chinese local coal market is more that thrice that off all universal coal trade (Nolan and Huaichuan 3).

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By 2011, China had turned out to be the leading coal importer worldwide. Still, its importers made just about 5% of its overall coal usage (Daily News Egypt 1). Thus, any variation in China’s production or demand has the capability of having a greater impact on world’s coal trade. Amid all the fossil energies, coal is the most plenteous worldwide. It is attainable from numerous mines distributed universal. It is utilized for production, electricity, steel, aluminum and cement. The usage of coal all over the world has continued to get high as un industrialized nations broaden their energy necessities. The introduction of numerous schemes managing carbon, especially carbon capturing and stowage is significant in mitigating the effects of future coal utilization on the environment (Daily News Egypt 1).