Sample Annotated Bibliography Paper On Validity of Sources in Research

Homework Question on Validity of Sources in Research

  • You are preparing an annotated bibliography for your study and you find that one of your sources did not have reliability or validity in its instrument.
  • Discuss the following in 400–600 words that respond to the following questions.
  1. Could you still use this source in your literature review? Why or why not?
  2. Would you consider using some of his or her other work? Explain in detail.
  3. Why do you think that reliability or validity is so important to research?
  4. What methods and techniques would you use to ensure reliability and validity in your own research? Explain your rationale.

Homework Answer on Validity of Sources in Research

Reliability of research instruments is very crucial in ensuring that a research is successful and the results and findings that are gotten from the research are reliable. Findings from a research are reliable if the instruments used are valid and sources are updated. “The importance of reliability in any research is seen in terms of increasing the verifiability of the outcomes and findings of the research and the reliability of the design that is used in the research” (Scott and Morrison, 2007).

A research that is achieved with instruments that are not reliable cannot withstand the test of time and the findings from such a research are null and void.  In the preparation of an annotated bibliography one should ensure that the sources are reliable and valid so as to make the findings from the research to be also valid. Validity of a source addresses the extent to which measuring instruments achieves the results in which they claim to measure and thus sources which are not valid are likely to provide misleading information which can affect a research in a negative way.

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Reliability of sources plays a crucial role in getting results and findings that are valid.I cannot use a source in my literature review that is not valid for the reason that it will have an effect in my findings thus making the whole research to be null and void. I will consider using other sources from the same author after thorough research from other sources that are related to the subject.