Sample Annotated Bibliography Paper On Evolution of Fashion

Homework Question on Evolution of Fashion

  • Begin compiling a working bibliography/annotated bibliography.
  • This is a list of the outside sources you will be using for your research essay.
  • You should have a total of five sources: no more than two web sources and at least three print sources (magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, interviews, etc.)
  • For each of your sources, you should include a 7-12 sentence paragraph-summary of each of these sources (hence, the term “annotated” bibliography).

Homework Answer on Evolution of Fashion


Evolution of fashion is a description of emerging trends in lifestyles, ideas and the daily happenings of life. It is a wholesome study that shows how trend emerge, how other quickly disappears and how others recur over a lifetime.

Annotated bibliography

Hourigan, S. R., & Bougoure, U. S. (2012). Towards a better understanding of fashion clothing involvement. Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ), 20(2), 127-135.

This article talks about fashion clothing is an important component for all consumers in the world. It is a description of studies conducted in order to reveal the relationship that exists between consumer involvement in fashion clothing and the real causes and impacts of their choices. It is an analysis of consumer behavior in relation to fashion clothing. The credibility of this article is mainly because it is based on a study carried out in Australia with over 200 questionnaires filled by generation Y. This article is therefore useful for this research since it identifies key drivers to and more specifically identifies materialism as well as gender as the key drivers.

Aspers, P., & Godart, F. (2013). Sociology of fashion: Order and change. Annual Review of Sociology, 39, 171-192.

This article relates to classical view of fashion with the modern view. It also gives a powerful definition of fashion as an unplanned process which is characterizes by continuously recurring change. It also examines the cultural and economic implications of fashion as a social phenomenon mainly basing illustrations from clothes as a clear indication of evolution of fashion.

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The credulity of this article can be attributed to the fact that it draws illustrations from other discipline and the studies having been conducted in a credible research university. This article is therefore relevant in this research as it explains how culture evolution is a multidimensional process that cuts across all disciplines and it has key cultural and economic implications.