Sample Annotated Bibliography Summary on Model for Health and Wellness

Model for Health and Wellness

Various articles and authors have described how to achieve great health and wellness. One of the health websites, ‘Workplace Health and wellness Program’ discusses how to achieve good health and wellness in the workplace. The website describes various aspects that concern health and wellness in the workplace such as suggestions on how organizations should manage the health and wellness of employees through the engagement of the management in setting wellness goals, establishment of wellness committees and explanation of objectives of wellness programs.

Another website describes how wellness can be achieved in the workplace by explaining that work place health and wellness is the responsibility of managers as well as employees. While the managers should recognize the importance of work place health for all employees, the employees themselves should make an effort to carry out physical activities whenever possible. According to the National health worksite Program, engaging in physical activity improves the wellbeing of employees and subsequently enhances their quality of life. The website can be accessed in French, Spanish and German.

In a report by, the effects and causes of various lifestyle diseases are discussed. The website, which is available in many languages, explains that there is a connection between physical activity, productivity and motivation in the workplace. Through engagement in physical activity, employees can also prevent various diseases making the general health of the organization better than for those organizations where employees do not engage in physical activity. The website has organized various corporate responsibility activities and calls upon employees to engage as much as possible for the purpose of chronic disease prevention. Moreover, they also research on the approach to daily exercise and how daily exercise can be used to boost motivation among employees.


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