Sample Agricultural Studies Essay Paper on Marianna Farm Plan

Marianna Farm Plan

The people

            Mary and Hannah purchased a 100-acre farm five years ago, and named it Marianna. The farm had 50 lactating cows, 30 calves, and 10 bulls. Only 20 acres were under cultivation, mainly wheat and corn crops that were used as fodders for the cattle.  The farm had excellent grazing pastures that covered 30 acres. At present, the farm has 100 lactating cows, 60 calves and heifers and 50 bulls. Milk production has increased from 600 liters a day to an average 0f 1200 liters. In addition, they sell the bulls to the regional meat cooperative for slaughter.  Additionally, they practice horticultural farming in 10 greenhouses where they plant mainly, strawberries, passion fruits and tomatoes.

Mary graduated from Texas University with a degree in food science. She worked in the dairy industry for 2 years where she met Hannah and they decided to start a farm business. For the first few years, she was involved in bookkeeping and ensuring that the milk was of the right quality by conducting several lab tests, in a small laboratory that she had set up in the firm.

On the other hand, Hannah had always been a farm girl. She did not attend college after she graduated from high school seven years ago. Instead, she worked in their family farm until her siblings auctioned it after their parents passed on five years ago. In the same year, she met Mary at a friend’s party and their enthusiasm for farms grew into a friendship and a partnership.  Hannah supervises the farm workers and closely monitors the crops in the green houses.

Their farm sells all of its produce locally. They deliver their milk to the local dairy cooperative that processes the milk and distributes it to departmental stores across the state.  Hannah distributes the fruits to local stores and green grocers. Additionally, she produces juices from the fruits, which she also sells locally, mostly to the neighboring farm workers.

The Opportunity

Mary and Hannah plan to add value to their products before taking them to the market. After careful consideration, the two agreed that this is the best expansion strategy.  There has been increased demand for the juice brands that Mary manufacture, as they are fresh, consists of real fruits and lacks additives such as flavors and food color. Therefore, the two intend to expand their juice production line.

Due to the huge capital requirements to increase the herd in order to increase milk production coupled with increasing costs per litter of milk, Hannah intends to start a small milk processing plant.  The farm will then sell pasteurized fresh milk, real fruit yoghurt and ice cream. The duo intends to sell the old tractor and the bulls to raise capital for the milk and juice processing plants.  They also plan to reduce pastureland and increase the number of green houses and the variety of the fruits that they grow (Richard 122).

As demand for healthier products increases in the state, Marianna farm is confident that they will succeed in the market eventually. However, there will be huge capital costs incurred in the first year for the automated machinery and advertising. Since the products might not do well for the first few months in the market, the farm anticipates that it might find it hard to break even. However, the two partners are confident that with time, the demand for their produce will pick up and the farm will be more profitable in the future (Kent 29).

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