Sample Admission Essays On UC Davis

Homework Question on Statement telling why I would like to attend UC Davis

  • A brief 200-word statement telling us why you would like to attend UC Davis.
  • My major is Statistics

Homework Answer on Statement telling why I would like to attend UC Davis

I would like to state my interest in attending UC Davies. Apart from the breadth of major courses, you offer and acclaimed status of the university, I believe pursuing a program with UC Davies is privilege and a greater step in one’s life fulfillment. Thus, a major in Department of Statistics does complement my careers goals, knowing that statistics plays a major role in almost every field and life.

With high self-esteem, teamwork player and self-driven personality, I will contribute to the department of Statistics with dedication in research work, more so in statistical analysis while my experience with diverse people and environment will provide a unique interaction with the UC Davies community. In addition, the student body at UC Davis will provide me with a platform to learn as I add a great value to it.

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UC Davies remains my top choice, the programs offered fit well with my statistical interest, as Davis city is a helpful and secure place with friendly people that provide a serene centre for learning not to forget its larger network link in the job market.Epitomized by your motto, ‘Let there be light’ UC Davis is truly an illumination of knowledge that we all desire. There is no end to collection of data. However, this can be meaningless without interpretation and therefore, demand for statisticians will continue to grow.