Sample Admission Essay On The Islamic State Iraq Syria (ISIS)

Homework Question on The Islamic State Iraq Syria (ISIS)

  1. When is ISIS found and how and for what.. what are the reaction of these countries (USA,Iraq,Syria,Iran) and what are the situation of them about ISIS.
  2. Also,what are the role of the international coalition,

Homework Answer on The Islamic State Iraq Syria (ISIS)

When ISIS was found and how and for what

The Islamic State Iraq Syria is an Islamic group established in Bagdad and comprises if Sunni Muslims who are drawn particularly from Syria. Conversely, the group has important members from overseas nations, especially Gulf States, Iraq and Arabian Peninsula. Despite the fact that it recognizes close ideological bond with Al Qaeda, it is not officially allied with the group. The ISIS is a group that originated from ISI, which was established in 2006.

It comprised of several insurgent groups such as the actual Al Qaeda group known as AQI (Al Qaeda Organization in the Land of Two Rivers), Al Qaeda found in Mesopotamia and was led by Musab al-Zarqawi. Other groups that were incorporated to the ISI include Mujahedeen in Iraq as well as Jund Al Sahhaba, who were defense force of diviner companions. Formerly, ISIS it started as an Al Qaeda group (AQI) which merged with several other Iraq jihadists groups after the death of its leader in 2006 and before the end of year 2006 it had re-branded itself the ISI.

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In this appearance ISI acted as an umbrella association for most of the jihadist together with their warriors in Iraqi at that time. While ISI nominally began as a group of Al Qaeda, it never declared to be part of the group. Regardless of its ideological as well as close operational linkages, the ISI always preserved a formal self-government. [1]Eventually, around April 2013 the ISI opened an additional front in its operations and called itself the Islamic State Iraq Syria and unilaterally declared a merger with Syrian led by Islamic group known as Jabhat Al Nusra (JAN).