Sample Admission Essay On Impact on the World

Homework Question on Impact on the world

  • Cooke Scholars  are committed to making the world a better place. They are inventing solutions, advocating for others, and giving back to their communities. However, most started with small steps.
  • What steps, big or small, have you taken to make your own Impact on the world?

Homework Answer on Impact on the world

Many individuals around the world believe that they do not have a significanteffect in the world, and if they do, then they do not feel like they have the resources to make that difference. However, this is not the case as proven by the Cooke Scholars who initiated change by taking small steps in their daily routines. There is why everyone exists in this world,and they have an obligation to make a change in theirinimitable way.

I acknowledge that this perception has had a significant impact on my life and am now focused towards making a difference by taking small steps with the intention of doing good thereby creating a better society. I have been taken aback by the level of environmental degradation that is going on in every part of the world essentially because everyone is focused towards acquiring wealth and not conserving the environment for future generations.

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I have to takebold steps towards preserving the environment by engaging in research to find out how I can contribute towards this course. The first step I decided to take was to start from where I stay where I went through every room checking the things I do not need and getting rid of them. I then checked on the labels of the products I use and kept those that are recyclable and efficient for the environment.