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Homework Question on Application for an MBA Program

  • These are some points to help with writing. I’m a Doctor who is pursuing a degree in MBA to ultimately work as a Hospital Administrator. I didn’t receive residency yet so decided to enhance my education. I also volunteer as a Board Member of a health center its called First Choice Health Center in East Hartford, CT attending those monthly meetings is when i decided to applying for an MBA degree.
  • Write an Admission Essay on applying for an MBA Program

Homework Answer on Application for an MBA Program

Education is both adorable and sweet especially when pursued with motivation and passion for achieving a vision. I am a doctor by profession who would like to further my studies. I love my job as it entails taking care of people through diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. I am passionate about becoming a hospital administrator that is why I am looking forward to pursuing a master’s degree in business administration.

I volunteer as a board member at First Choice HealthCentre, which is located in East Hartford. My responsibilities and roles as a board member are establishing policies, overseeing activities in the Health Centre and making strategic decisions regarding the health center. Due to being actively involved in administrative functions for First Choice Health Centre my passion for administration has improved. During one time while attending monthly meetings for the board, I decided to apply for a master’s program in business administration so as to qualify for a post in hospital administration.

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The reason I chose to apply for an MBA instead of other master programs in business is because MBA is ranked as over highly respected degree that is associated with commitment in administration. Another reason is because the job market candidates with masters in business administration have competitive advantages over other candidates. Undertaking master’s in business administration will inculcate skills in leadership, marketing and accounting.