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Homework Question on White Collar Crimes

  1. What was the most important lesson that can be learned from “Crossing the Line?”
  • Your essay may not exceed one page, normal margins, single-spaced 12 point font.
  • It should consist of 3 paragraphs: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  • It will be graded on the basis of content, depth of argument, exposition, and grammar/spelling. No quotations allowed!
  • This is the website you can find “Crossing the Line?” The login name is gaokexin999. The password is nennen1007111.

Homework Answer on White Collar Crimes

“Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes,” is a very enlightening documentary regarding five white-collar offenders. The chronicles depict the circumstances and motivations that led to their legal transgression, and how they were finally convicted. Also, noteworthy are the ranks of three of the individuals who are average employees except Beam and Smith who belong to the C-suite. The revelations of the white-collar felons’ situations before and after crossing the ethical lines bring out the moral and ethical decisions that ordinary employees come across in the line of duty.

Their eventual life is remorseful following the repercussions of incarceration, and the effect on their integrity. The following is a reflection of their stories together with the exposition given by experts in white-collar crimes and business ethicists incorporated in the documentary.Diann Cattani’s story depicts the consequences of making an unethical decision of not reporting an error, and immoral acts of debiting her personal items to the company’s credit card.

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Diann was entrusted with financial running of a capital intensive project as a human resource manager. In exasperation, she felt that she deserved a larger remuneration due to added responsibilities. She became vulnerable to embezzling the company’s money following the undetected mistake, which debited her family trip to the company’s account. The other culprit who makes an unethical decision is Justin Paperny who was convicted for conspiring to commit securities fraud.