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Homework Question on Performative Conception of Race

  • Please write a 5 page, double spaced essay (not counting title page or abstract – abstract not necessary) on the following question.
  • Your essay should be in 12 point font, double spaced, and should be in APA format. Properly cite all sources.
  1. Fully describe the “performative conception of race” argument presented in the Carbado and Gulati article (Wing text). Also discuss the court case presented in the article.
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Homework Answer on Performative Conception of Race


This essay describes the perfomative concept of race as argued by Carbado and Gullati in the article “The Fifth Black Woman”. The case of Mary as presented in the article offers substantive background on which the argument is built on. A case presented to the court on basis of gender and ethnic discrimination may lack validity when the extent of distinctive performance attributes is not appreciated. One person in a group of people sharing the same ethnic background and similar gender my feel discriminated based on performance identity.

The article by Carbado and Gulati, “The Fifth Black Woman” reveals the difficult question for law that arises as a result of working identity (McDonald, Ravitch & Sumners, 2006). It is quite likely for a person to claim that discrimination based on working identity is not racial discrimination at all. Arguably, it tends to be discrimination based on behavior or culture rather than race and for this reason presumes that the law should not intervene.

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Performative Conception of Race

Identity performance is a key factor that cannot be overlooked in all sectors that demand human interaction. In most cases, this factor has been overlooked when making judgment on cases related to human discrimination. Organizational policies and values should be founded on ethical principles that do not discriminate persons due to their race and gender. However, cases based on discrimination of people on the foundation of their race and gender arise often.