Sample Accounting Essays On Information Protection and Privacy

Homework Question on Information Protection and Privacy

  • Use the Internet to research current articles related to personal information privacy violations including customer database hacking and related privacy breaches, then answer the following quetions:
  1. Evaluate the circumstances that contributed to the privacy violation, the consequence to the company to the breach, and management’s response to the breach, indicating the appropriateness of the response. Suggest how the company may have presented the breach and / or responded differently once the breach was discovered. Provide support for your rationale.
  2. Assess the ethical considerations for information privacy, indicating how these considerations should be addressed with a corporate policy. Provide support for your rationale.

Homework Answer on Information Protection and Privacy

An increase of the amount of data stored requires a complexity of the information systems required for its safe keeping. Privacy violation is the exploitation of one’s personal information that contains illegal sale or usage. The introduction internet has transitioned in our lives and increased the availability of personal information that can be tracked, accessed and recorded. Poor data handling processes which may be caused by employee negligence.

Lack of adequate security protection may be caused by failure of the company to enforce strict data security policies. Company staff has an ethical obligation to protect the data assigned to them and not to misuse it. In addition, all humans encompass the right to self obligation as long as it does not violate the other person’s right. Data mining, which involves compiling of data masses in one database in order to extract new information (Stamatellos, 2007, pg.30).

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A breach occurs when the private data detained by a company is misplaced or under unauthorized access. Privacy has been identified as a significant component of trust, and a breach in this will damage the customer or partner relationship. When the company admits to a mistake, the public trust and reputation is lost, and the customers retain a negative impression. This eventually directly leads to a loss in market value. In addition, there is a potential decline in the stock prices of the company, because the privacy breaches have a significant impact on a company’s evaluation.