Research Sample Paper on BMW’s tagline: The ultimate driving machine

BMW’s tagline: The ultimate driving machine


  • In terms of reaching the target market, the tagline fits properly to that market because such people would love the assurance the tagline gives to them. In relation to this fact, the tagline is an efficient marketing strategy for BMW Company because it promotes the company’s products the way the target market loves it.  
  • On the other hand, by simply reading the tagline, customers understand that they will get ultimate driving experiences when they purchase BMW vehicles. Once again, in terms of reaching the target market, BMW Company enhances its marketing strategy by assuring the target market that its products give them value for their money. From a marketing viewpoint, this tagline promotes the benefits and the features of the company’s products, in addition, by so doing, it simplifies the process of marketing BMW’s products. Therefore, the tagline is an instrumental and an efficient marketing tool for the company.
  • The tagline demonstrates that the company’s products enrich the customers’ ways of life. According to Evans and Hastings, this tagline helps BMW company to position its brand by helping the customers understand the value they receive from the company’s products (Evans and Hastings 33). From a marketing viewpoint, this is a strong method of promoting the products of the company. Accordingly, the tagline differentiates the company’s products from those of its competitors by simply indicating that customers end up with ultimate experiences once they purchase the company’s products.    
  • The tagline strongly links with the memory of consumers that love cars (Hoyer and MacInnis 181). In relation to this fact, the target market can memorize the tagline easily and identify with it. Above all, the tagline promises the customers that the company delivers according to the promise it makes to its customers. For this reason, the customers can believe that they will get value for their money by simply purchasing the company’s products. Based on this understanding, the tagline in question is an efficient marketing tool for BMW Company.     


  • From a marketing viewpoint, the company should improve the tagline by changing it to “Your ultimate driving machine.” This new tagline would make the person reading the tagline to feel like the driving force belongs to him/her, and by so doing, it would improve the way the company markets its products to the target market.

Example 3: product or service

Coca cola (soda not the company)


  • In terms of the target market, Coca cola targets a certain group of people that consumes the coke. Accordingly, this soda contains coke that other soda products from the company do not contain. By so doing, a certain group of people prefer consuming coca cola rather than consuming any other soda from Coca Cola Company.
  • In terms of distribution, Coca Cola Company has outlets in different parts of the world. As we speak right now, the company has manufacturing facilities in over two hundred countries and in these countries; the company has well established distribution channels. The said distribution channels ensure that coca cola reaches the target market in good time and in good condition. This enhances the marketing of coca cola soda by ensuring that the target market gets this soda whenever in need of it (Counihan 126).
  • In comparison to other soda products in the market, Coca Cola Company offers coca cola at relatively favorable prices. This is in relation to the fact the company sets the prices of its products at the same level as that of its competitors. As a result, the company is able to market coca cola efficiently without encountering unnecessary competition from competitors. Apart from effective pricing strategy, the company also offers its coca cola soda at different units ranging from 300ml to 2 liters. This practice also enhances the pricing strategy of coca cola because each unit sells at a different price. With regard to this practice, the marketing of coca cola is efficient because consumers purchase the unit they can afford and require.
  • With regard to promotion, the company promotes coca cola more than it promotes other soda products. In particular, the company prefers promoting coca cola at an international level. Accordingly, the company sponsors big events such as the world football only to promote itself and coca cola soda in particular. This is evident from what we watch during these events. This practice serves as an efficient marketing tool for coca cola.
  • Finally, the product has been designed in such a way that it quenches thirsty. From a marketing viewpoint, a product should accomplish what it is intended to accomplish. If a product accomplishes its intended purpose, then it is easy to market that product. On the contrary, if a product does not accomplish its intended purpose, then it is usually impossible to market that product. For coca cola, the product accomplishes its intended purpose by quenching thirst and making consumers feel refreshed whenever they drink it.


  • The company should consider improving the quality of the product by evaluating and eliminating some of the health effects of the product. Right now, coca cola faces challenges penetrating some markets such as the US market because of the claims that it increases the rate of obesity in the country (Counihan 126). Accordingly, although the product does well in some markets, it does not do well in other markets. In order to counter this problem, then Coca Cola Company should consider reducing the sugary content of coca cola. This would enhance the marketing of coca cola in the markets the product faces challenges. If the company would do this, then marketing coca cola would be simpler than it is today. It would also enhance the brand name of the company. 

Example 4: Pricing Strategy or Tactic

Product line pricing strategy


  • As a marketing strategy, this pricing method enables organizations and marketers to consider a number of factors when setting the prices of their products. First, organizations and marketers are able to consider the features of their products. Second, organizations as well as marketers are able to consider the profitability of their products. By considering all these factors together with other factors, then organizations and marketers are able to set competitive prices for their products. In addition, the strategy gives marketers various methods to choose from rather than restricting them to one method. For example, with the help of this pricing strategy, marketers have the option of either using price lining, premium pricing or even captive pricing (Pride and Ferrell 591). These pricing strategies enhance marketing. For these two reasons, product line pricing strategy is an efficient marketing tool because it enhances sales.   
  • In terms of pricing, this pricing strategy is an efficient marketing tool because it gives products their respective prices based on their features. This means that when marketing products that have different prices particularly because of their features, then marketers may not encounter problems marketing these products to customers that are sensitive to price differences. Indeed, with this marketing strategy, it might be easier for a marketer to explain to a customer why a certain cell phone costs less than another cell phone based on the features of the two cell phones (Kalb and Press 47). In this respect, product line pricing is an efficient marketing tool because customers understand easily why certain products cost more than other products. For this reason, this pricing strategy is efficient as a marketing tool.    
  • In terms of promoting the products, this pricing strategy enables marketers to enhance their sales by evaluating the relationships between their products and those of their competitors. After doing this, marketers are able to set the prices of their products in an efficient manner that catches the attention of their target market.     


  • For this pricing strategy to be effective in marketing, marketers should include significant price gaps between the products they promote using this strategy. Otherwise, if there are no significant gaps in prices, potential customers would not be influenced to buy highly priced products because they would not perceive any difference in quality between the highly priced products and those sold at low prices. For this reason, marketers should utilize this marketing tool cautiously for it to be effective. Otherwise, this marketing strategy might not be effective in marketing.
  • Once again, the marketers or organizations that utilize this pricing strategy should be careful as they implement it because sometimes the strategy is considered illegal and unethical in terms of distributing the products. This is in relation to the fact that at times organizations do not distribute or manufacture their products efficiently as they promote them. Accordingly, customers struggle to find these products to an extent that they are forced to purchase the higher-priced products that organizations utilizing this marketing strategy manufacture. Although this might be an efficient marketing strategy, it might work against the organization that utilizes it in the sense that it can backfire when customers realize that they are being duped into purchasing the higher-priced products (Pride and Ferrell 591). My suggestion on this issue is that organizations should utilize this marketing strategy cautiously to avoid the negative effects it might have on them.     

Example 5: website

Name: (


  • The website uses powerful words such as new arrivals to entice customers to look for the products being promoted. As a normal practice, customers cannot avoid clicking on the link to look for such products. For this reason, the strategy is an effective marketing tool for the website.  
  • On the other hand, as an efficient marketing tool, the website guarantees fast and free shipping to customers that shop from the website. More often than not, customers want to hear this whenever they shop online because they want to know whether they will incur extra cost for shopping online. Mostly, if they understand that they will not incur extra cost as the website promises them, then they are likely to shop online. For this reason, this is an efficient marketing tool.      
  • The website categorizes clothing according to gender and age. In addition, the website categorizes accessories in terms of gender and age. By so doing, the website simplifies the shopping process by enabling the customers to find or locate what they want from the website with ease.   
  • The website provides customers with chances to win free gifts whenever they shop. In particular, the website under the tagline “enter for a chance to win a free pair of shoes” entices the customers to become members to win free pairs of shoes. As an efficient marketing tool, the tagline lures customers to become members for the sake of winning the free gifts in question.  
  • The website provides customers with chances to send gift cards to their loved ones whenever they shop. To the customers, this is an added advantage if they shop from the website. However, from the website owners, it is a marketing strategy aimed at attracting customers and perhaps retaining them. As a result, this marketing tool works both ways.    
  • The website provides a list of shopping recommendation to customers together with their respective prices. For customers that are either in hurry to find what they want or do not understand where to start, this is a good starting point for them. From a sales viewpoint, it is an effective method of marketing because it directs customers to where website owners want the customers to be. 
  • Under the title “what our customers are saying” the website provides customers with products’ reviews. This marketing strategy gives the customers an overview of the products and what they are likely to experience once they shop from the website. From a brand positioning viewpoint, the strategy helps potential customers understand the benefits they might enjoy for shopping the products in question from the website (Evans and Hastings 33).  
  • Through a live chat known as live help, the website facilitates effective communication with customers. As a result, customers that have questions or do not understand what they should do, they can use this facility to enhance their shopping experiences.
  • Under the title “get $25 back after your first purchase”, the website promises potential customers that they will get a discount of $25 for the first time they purchase products from the website. From a marketing viewpoint, this entices customers to do shopping from the website to enjoy the said discount. For me, this is an effective method of attracting customers.
  • Apart from providing customers with chances to win free gifts and discounts, the website under the tagline “on-the-go gifting” also encourages potential customers to look for gifts from Zappos mobile. Once again, this strategy entices potential customers to shop from the website in question rather than shopping from other websites. Furthermore, to ensure that potential customers click on the link, the website puts a tagline that reads “find out more.” This tagline deliberately entices potential customers to click on the link.         


  • The website should combine some links that serve the same purposes. For example, the website should combine “enter for a chance to win a free pair of shoes” with “get $25 back after your first purchase.” Because they both serve the same purposes. This would reduce the content on the website thereby decongest the website.  

Example 6: Social Media



  • In terms of reaching the people, facebook has many fans. As at last year, the number of fans was over one billion. This means that if you are to promote your products using this platform, then you are likely to reach many people. From a marketing viewpoint, this is an added advantage because one does not struggle to reach the target market. In short, facebook is an efficient marketing tool.     
  • Other than having many fans, the platform has billion active users (Farooq and Jan 627). These active users are potential customers for any company that markets its products using facebook. In terms of marketing, this simplifies the process of marketing because one can reach many potential customers at ago. Furthermore, as an efficient marketing tool, facebook enables organizations to create groups that form strong marketing bases. By so doing, facebook enhances marketing. Accordingly, facebook is an efficient marketing tool.  
  • In terms of distribution, facebook is one of the highly distributed marketing tools in the sense that the tool is everywhere there is internet. This means that one can access the tool so long as he/she can connect to the internet whether in public places such as in cyber cafes or in private rooms. With regard to this understanding, all internet users whether they own computers or they do not own them, they can access facebook because it is widely distributed. Based on this fact, facebook is one of efficient marketing tools in the market today. Accordingly, if utilized effectively, it can enhance marketing.    


  • Although facebook is an efficient marketing tool, it does not target a specific group of internet users. On the contrary, it targets all internet users hoping that it can attract all of them. From a marketing viewpoint, this is not a good strategy because it is impossible for a product or service to attract all groups of people. In relation to this fact, facebook should target a specific group of internet users rather than targeting all groups of internet users. This would enhance the efficiency of facebook in marketing because the tool would capitalize on the target group rather than aiming helplessly at all internet users.
  • Other than failing to target a specific group of people, the company, or individuals that own facebook does not promote this platform as an efficient marketing tool. As a result, very few people understand the critical role that facebook plays in marketing. In relation to this fact, the company or the individuals that own facebook should promote this platform as an efficient marketing tool. If this happens, then majority of the people would understand the efficiency of facebook as a marketing tool.
  • Facebook should be designed in a manner that would enhance marketing rather than enhancing communication only. In other words, rather than developing facebook like a product that is solely designed to help people communicate with one another, facebook should be enhanced as a marketing tool by including some advertising features that solely promote products on sale. If facebook would include such features, then marketing products using facebook would be simpler than it is today. In terms of marketing, doing so would enhance the efficiency of facebook in marketing. As a result, facebook would become an efficient marketing tool.        

Example 7: Advertisement

Television advertisement


  • As a medium of communication, television gives advertisers opportunities to communicate with their target audiences both at local and even at international level. By so doing, television enables advertisers to reach many people. In terms of marketing, the fact that television enables advertisers who in this case are the marketers to reach many people, then television enhances marketing. In particular, television enables marketer to reach their target market easily if they understand the target market. Overall, this makes marketing through television effective. For this reason, television is an efficient marketing tool.
  • Apart from reaching many people, television advertisements use visuals, audio and to some extent actions to appeal to potential customers. The combination of these three aspects enhances television advertisements because the target market does not only see what is happening, but it also hears and to some extent witnesses what is happening through actions. This does not only ensure that the target market gets the intended message, but it also ensures that the target market get a glimpse of what is happening. As a result, television is an efficient marketing tool.   
  • In terms of impact, television advertisements are influential. They are influential in the sense that they slowly influence and persuade potential customers to purchase the products they watch on television. Although this may take time before potential customers make up their minds about the said products, some of these people finally purchase the products in question because of the influence that television advertisements have on them. Other forms of advertisement may not do this because they do not repeat advertisements like televisions do. Consequently, television tends to be an effective marketing tool.
  • In terms of the target market, television is an efficient marketing tool because it gives advertisers chances to segment and organize their advertisements based on the markets and audiences they aim to reach. More often than not, this happens by giving advertisers the opportunities to choose when and where their advertisements should be aired during the normal television programming. Accordingly, an advertiser that aims to influence parents to purchase certain commodities for their children, then that advertiser may choose his/her advertisement to be aired in-between the cartoon programs. By so doing, the advertiser in question may reach the children that may influence their parents to purchase for them the advertised products. The same applies to other target groups. In relation to this fact, television is an efficient marketing tool.


  • Due to high cost that is involved in television advertisements, advertisers tend to limit their advertisements. Although this practice minimizes cost, some audiences do not get the intended messages. As a result, television tends to be ineffective in some instances. To deal with this problem, I would suggest that advertisers capitalize on making their advertisements simple and clear other than making them look real and attractive. This would ensure that the target market gets the intended message without losing some of them on the way.
  • In terms of promotion, television advertisements are usually brief. This means that some potential customers do not capture the message and in some instances, some of these people just ignore television advertisements. In order to counter this problem, marketers should consider utilizing other forms of advertisements to supplement television advertisements. This would ensure that the target market gets the intended message.   

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