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Hazard Worksheet

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are as a result of motor collisions or when a vehicle hits pedestrians, animals, and static obstructions, such as trees alongside the roads. These accidents impair the vehicle or damage property and cause injuries or death. Motor crashes affect several parties, especially the vehicle occupants who may be injured or lose their lives. Pedestrians are affected since they also cross the busy roads. However, from a bigger picture, the society suffers due traffic jams or derailment when accidents occur.

Major highways in Manteca are the common setting for motor accidents. For instance, Highway 120 claims a lot of lives due to road carnage. This happens because they are busy roads with a lot of traffic.

Manteca’s road accidents frequency is usually monthly. According to California Highway Patrol, they receive fatal accident cases once or none in a month although in some months they can receive one to two or more cases.

The severity of road carnage is big, especially with the fatal crashes. There are possible delays on the roads when the police come to the scene, as they try to unravel the cause of the accidents. This affects several activities that depend on transport. However, most accidents involve vehicles ramming into private or public properties that cost a lot of money.

Road accidents occur suddenly but their impact may last for a longer duration. The fire department and local police may take hours to solve a single accident case and clear roads for normal activities.

The city of Manteca Fire Department is efficient in dealing with road carnage, especially with their immediate response teams. The department is strategically located with all the response facilities hence save lives during accidents. However, people often complain about the response from this department, as they sometime appear a little too late to assist on accident scenes.

Manteca generally has the capacity to mitigate or curb accidents. The roads have been improved, especially on the black spots to avoid further accidents. The fire department and the local police also respond in time to provide aid during accidents. Manteca, however, has not been able to solve the issue of drunk driving, which is the major cause of fatal accidents in the area.

The main accident causal factors in Manteca are mainly alcohol influence and over speeding. This has always been the reasons for accidents as reported by California Highway Patrol. However, minor accidents happen due to bad weather or vehicle losing control.


An earthquake is a sudden shaking or vibrating of the earth’s crust due to volcanic action in the interior of the earth. According to geography studies, the faulting process causes the shaking and fracture of the rocks as a result of fault blocks moving relative to each other and causing frictional forces that stress the rocks. Manteca ca lies at the heart of California State, which is ever susceptible to seismic waves that cause earthquakes. Geologists argue that California lies on both the North American and Pacific fault plates that move past each other slowly at about 1.5 inches a year, and this is the cause of the seismic waves that are hazardous.

US’s National Earthquake Information Center reports that the entire California experiences about 3 earthquakes a year with estimated magnitude of 5.5 and higher. These quakes are strong to cause damage to property or structure or even cost lives. However, Manteca does not lie at the hypocenter or epicenter hence not highly affected like other cities, such as San Jose within California. Statistics show that Manteca’s earthquake damage is lower than the California State average but higher than the entire US average. Given the location of Manteca, it experiences moderate severity, as there are no fatal damages compared to neighboring cities, such as San Jose. Usually, the earthquakes experienced in Manteca and the larger California last for hours and the entire community feels the effect of the violent ground shaking.

The city of Manteca Fire Department is efficient in dealing with natural disasters, such as quakes. At times, when the earthquakes cause structures to collapse, they will be quick in rescue mission. Regardless, since such natural disasters are not preventable, there is always a way to reduce the havoc they can cause. Hence, The National Earthquake Information Center, US, brings the people up to speed on any new information regarding possible seismic waves. This information is necessary to enable evacuation or any appropriate response since more than two thirds of the Manteca people have settled within 30 miles from faults causal to the earthquakes.


Flooding usually occurs due to excessive downpour of rain submerging dry land and even properties, such as structures. Manteca ca is not far from the victim due to regular floods that occur as a result of rains that cause overflowing of lakes and rivers in the larger flood-ravaged California. Stanislaus and San Joaquin rivers are the main setting for the water havoc to the Mantecans. They flood after heavy rainfall, causing extensive damage to residential areas hence calling for authorities to initiate evacuations in order to save lives. However, those who reside in higher ground areas far from river sides have no much to worry about regarding floods.

The floods frequency in Manteca follow rainy patterns as they are expected during rainy months. However, there are times this region experiences abnormal rain levels hence causing mass water mayhem. The giant of all floods is in the 1997 when flooding caused several residence structures to be submerged and many roads impassable. San Joaquin was the worst hit. Since then, Mantecans face moderate severity regarding water floods since the rivers and lakes in the surrounding regions do not break their banks often and extensively. Normally, floods can last for days or weeks except the unforgettable 1997 flooding that had an impact for months.

There is a quick response team of city of Manteca fire department to extend aid to flood victims. Besides the fire department, there are flood emergency companies, such as Advanta Clean that assists in evacuations during flooding. The main challenge is accessing every part during the flooding period since there is so much water to enable transport or movement. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Manteca authorities have enhanced the improvement of water drainage systems to mitigate the effects of floods.