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Strategic Thinking

 Strategic thinking refers to a technique for inquiry, identification, selection and implementation of various measures towards achievement of short-term and long-terms goals and objectives (Chilingerian, 2006). Strategic thinking if utilized in a hospital would lead to identification of opportunities and provide a competitive edge in the industry through various ways.          

 For example, identification of important stakeholders would enable the hospital to develop services according to needs of various stakeholders. Further, these would lead to patient satisfaction, decision making efficiency and amenities convenience among other benefits as such developments are made in line with betterment of stakeholders.  In addition, it would assist in gaining competitive advantage through analysis of external environments of the hospital. This would enable it predict and forecast social, technology and demographical changes to take the necessary course of actions. Actions such as purchase of state of the art equipment would adequately cater for the needs of the stakeholders (Chilingerian, 2006).

Evaluation of internal environment would also go a long way in identification of essential developments in areas such as human resource management, care programs, clinical processes. These would consequently assist in implementation of best practices such as faster services to patients. The hospital would thus have a competitive advantage since stakeholders would prefer it rather than competitors (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2008).

 Glaxo Holding plc is an example of a company that utilized strategic thinking to a great success with development of Zantac. Zantac was a drug meant to compete with SmithKline’s Tagamet. Zantac was selling at a considerably higher price. The first mover advantage enjoyed by SmithKline however involved Glaxo developing a substitute. In addition, the pricing strategy and advertisement positioned Zantac superior to Tagamet. Thus, the two similar products differed through the pricing strategy deployed ensuring Zantac surpassed (Chilingerian, 2006).


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