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            This is an analysis on self-assessment. The main areas of analysis are self-confidence and self-efficacy, positive thinking, and positive thinking over the future, and strong goals on motivating environment.

Self Analysis

            From the analysis, the total score was 38. This implies that I am doing well on self-motivation. However, there is still an opportunity for me to improve. In order to achieve whatever I desire, I should try to increase the motivation factors in all spheres of life. In the four major factors, I got 6 out of 10 in motivating factors. I managed to score highly in motivating environment and self-efficacy and self-confidence. In order to focus, I ought to keep company of people who can remind me of the goals, and can motivate me. I can also apply the available teamwork opportunities. On the strong goals, I have to identify the direction I use for the setting of the goal.

This is because I manage to plan and visualize my future. I am able to struggle to achieve the set goals. My greatest weakness is on the positive thinking and positive thinking about the future. I majorly lie on the weakness and the challenges as they come. When a challenge comes, I change my perception and outlook towards everything. The challenges make me to negatively perceive life in general.

            There are major family and community challenges, which present great challenges in my personal and career life. In my job place, women are perceived to be the weaker gender and hence they are not accorded their respect and honor in as much as they are at times better than the male counterparts. This makes it difficult for the female workers to realize the same results as men. The challenges are beyond the output as racial segregation is also on the extreme. The African Americans are always regarded as less productive and less competitive. This negatively affects the desire and the self will of the female workers. In the personal life, I have to overcome the challenges of being a breadwinner even as the economic challenges are increasing. Hence, at times I am always active and positive towards the general outlook and at other times, when I am overwhelmed, I get too low to achieve anything.

I am attributing these challenges to the societal perception and cultural barriers. Women are yet to be regarded as equal to their male counterparts in this part of the world. Therefore, even the salary is based on gender. Men are viewed as the only breadwinners and therefore their salary rates tend to be high while women are viewed as lesser people and more dependent on men. The salary rates are reduced in as much as they may be under the same job group and doing the same duties. The society needs to embrace change. This is because the economic huddles are many and hence women have come up to assume the masculine duties, such as being the sole providers for the families. Another issue is the case of racial discrimination. The whites are perceived to be more intellectuals and better workers while the African Americans are viewed as better placed in the manual jobs. This brings the challenge when the office duties have to be shared between the two people from different races.


The main purpose for this self-motivation analysis is to examine how motivated a person is towards achieving life goals, and whether the purpose of life is understandable.