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Lithium Battery

            Lithium battery has high ability that is necessary for improving acceleration and fuel efficiency and used mostly in portable consumer electronics. It is good to be used in hybrid vehicles because of a number of factors.

The energy density of lithium ion is typically double the standard nickel cadmium hence making it have the potential for higher energy densities. More so the lithium ion is a low maintenance battery, which is a major aspect of it and making it suitable to be used in hybrid vehicles. The life of the battery requires no schedule cycling for the sake of prolonging the battery’s life (Duran 246).

            The lithium ion battery is a best choice for hybrid vehicle since their self-discharge is less than a half as compared to the nickel-cadmium. This feature makes it the best choice for modern fuel gauge applications. The battery has specialty cells that can provide very high current to applications such as power tools. Due to the battery’s flexibility it is able to store even the energy converted in the regenerative braking system and store the energy in electrical form.

            Hybrid vehicles have a functionality of emitting and storing the emitted large amounts of energy, energy is emitted mostly when the vehicle accelerates or decelerates. This makes it suitable and convenient to only use the lithium ion battery as they will be able to store large amounts of energy at the same time. Since it has minimal parts it means that the battery is a low cost battery.

            The battery is environmental friendly in ways that it contains no polluting metals, such as cadmium, lead and mercury. It has long life futures where it can be re used and more so it does not encourage environmental degradation (Leitman & Bob 37).        

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