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Life Education

            Mohamed Alkhoori and I were born in 1997 by my caring Arabian parents and I grew up in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He is a jovial, caring, hardworking and responsible young man who has learnt and gained vast knowledge about life through experience and socialization. Being in a private school gave him an added advantage in terms of setting a good educational pace where learning started on a high note. Loving education from day one made him to be popular n class by being one of the best performers. The drive made him to pursue education in high school as a go ahead to gain more insights and quench the knowledge thirst. His love for soccer and his athletic nature saw him enroll with the school’s football club

First Grade

            I was soft spoken and smiling every now and then creating an image that I was shy hence a weak element among the male students. Being mocked and used as an example or a reference was the order of the day, on my part I felt teased and humiliated but my caring parents were by side. They encouraged me to take advantage of the situation and accept the challenge positively by being the people’s favorite. Surely, the advice was the beginning of success as I embraced it whole-heartedly.

Second Grade

            I had an athletic body and most of the students preferred me to join their team during the physical training. I developed a soccer passion where I would prefer playing soccer than playing other games. In class, I utilized my time to interact with the other students in the study groups. Even if I had the best teacher, I did not manage to make friends with her because I had some phobia about teachers. The fear I had about teachers made me to follow to the letter the instructions that she gave. This made me to develop self-discipline.

Third Grade

            At this stage I developed funny characteristics that involved being cunning and running away from responsibilities and escaping punishment. Noise making was the order of the day especially during the drawing session. This resulted from my dislike for drawing hence preferred spoiling other student’s diagrams. My mother disliked the kind of trend that I had taken which she concluded that it was as a result of joining the football club. She wrote to our class teacher and she requested her to ensure that I was blacklisted from the club immediately. What a big blow I got as my passion for learning the soccer skills.

Fourth Grade

            Considerable deliberation of the subjects that I was taking hit my system before I came to my senses. It is at this grade that my mother and father quarreled the most out of my trend and school performance. This made me to repeatedly question myself over the reason why am not being able to do what is right at the right moment. Life took another twist as more confusion was created inside me; I felt a great urge coming from inside me to hate education. Most of the time, I would gaze as I fantasized and build castles in the air on how I would manage to escape from school without being noticed. Go-getter was now my policy and I had to pursue the escape plan.

Firth Grade

There is always light at the end of the tunnel and at this grade my former class teacher called me in for some piece of advice. She asked me about my likes and dislikes and also what I would like to be when I grow up. She took her precious time to make me understand the potential in me and more so the importance of education, and from her advice I was now determined to unleash the potential in me.

Sixth Grade

            I had made drastic improvement in my performance, which brought me, closer to the teachers as I wanted to gain more and to learn fast. My parents and I were now great friends and they motivated me to aim to the sky. It was at this grade that the school soccer team needed more players for the school team and randomly the head teacher instructed the coach to take me in. I participated without the knowledge of my parents. From that tournament I started sharpening my football skills as I was motivated by the head teacher.

Seventh Grade

            At this stage I was able to juggle my activities between field work and class work and it was a high time I informed my parents over my talent and they again supported me. In this grade I scoped two awards that actually boosted my morale.

Eighth Grade

            Due to the status that I gained from good performance I got many friends including female friends. I was a bit shy though. The circumstance pushed me to be in a relationship where we explored more and I even realize how different we were from girls.However,I tried not to be curious

Ninth Grade

            I nearly lost one of my leg after a heated tournament in inter high school challenge where I got a fracture. This made me to spend two months in the hospital bed. The doctors assured me of my leg coming back to normality.

Eleven Grade

            This was season to recover from injuries and what I had lost in course work. At this stage, I dropped most of my friends as I was not as active as before.

Twelfth Grade

            This was the crowning year, the dreams coming true and finalizing the long journey that started with a single. This was done by celebrations, which were in the recognition of efforts, and the achievements made.