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  1. Who wrote or made the document, and when?

The former United States president, Mr. Harry Truman, wrote the document before addressing the congress on March 12, 1947.

  • To what audience is the document addressed. How does this shape the document’s intentions?

The document is addressed to the president himself, the speaker, and members of the congress of the United States of America. The joint session had both the senate and House of Representatives. The joint session illustrates that the purpose of the document was to get a concurrent resolution from the two houses, which represent the interest of the American people.

The author of the document-Harry Truman-argues and tries to convince the joint session that Greece and Turkey are in real need of assistance from the US government to be able to survive and stand on their own as free nations. The article has addressed the tough economic times experienced by the two countries. It also mentions about the ongoing rebellion and the uneasiness that exist between the capitalists and the communists.

  • What is the main argument, idea, or point that the author of the document is trying to make?

Greece and Turkey being capitalistic nations are seeking help from the capitalist giants like the United States and the Great Britain nations. The two countries are experiencing disturbance from other small European nations that are mainly communistic. The mention of the United Nations and the end the World War 2 is a reminder of resolution among the nations around the world that no country should again lose its freedom to other nation.

War brought destructions and countries like Turkey need money for reconstruction. However, the countries, which were offering the financial aid like the Great Britain, are also facing same difficulties. Capitalists and communists are uneasy with each other, and the US being leader of the Capitalists cannot ask Russia to help Turkey, even though it is in a position to help.

  • What impact or effect may the document have had in its own time?

The congress would have agreed to the request of the president. This is because the US is a strong supporter of the United Nations, which aims at ending aggression and tyranny. The US advocates for freedom, justice, and equality. Provision of assistance to these nations would promote these principles.