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Harley Davidson

            Davidson Inc. is a motorcycle maker known for its leading design in motorcycles covering half of the market share percentage. This is because of the item uniqueness, modification, and designs.

What is Harley Davidson’s strategy?

Focus Differentiation Strategy: The Company has adopted this long -run strategy so that it can deliver outcomes through focusing on its investments in such a way that will enhance the Davidson’s brand, promote growth, lower its costs, and support continuous growth. This strategy is all about satisfying goals though extraordinary motorcycles and brilliant customer experiences. This strategy enabled the company to make a progress in changing the industry to be more alert and satisfying its customers’ expectations. These meant that the business became a customer driven and acquired a world-class state in the marketing sector. Additionally, the company experienced positive manufacturing flexibility, shorter item improvement lead times, and unmatched premium vending experience.

 Identify the Changes in the business environment and in the brand identity that led to this strategy.

            Considering the macro environment, Davidson experienced competition from other motorcycle firms from China and India, grasping the same opportunity in the market. This was because this is an American idol, thus the competitors not welcoming the company to its soil. The economic global recession, price increments in manufacturing raw materials, diverse lifestyles, and variation in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are other changes in the business environment and in the products’ brand identity that led to the focus identity. Additionally, legislation and licensing   for motorists and attack from environmental activist led to the strategy development.

What are the changes in the marketing mix that Harley Davidson is implementing as a result of this strategy?

            Product:  Due to similar products in the market, Davidson’s company has strongly maintained a high profile in producing heavily built, unique, and strong engine bikes that possess high power and trademark striking sound.

Price: Davidson has displayed an ultra price product for the bike segment that has contributed to heavy premium positioning in its customer minds and helped the company acquire best positioning in the premium motorcycles. This was due to the price changes of materials.

Place and promotion: Davidson has made its products public worldwide, therefore, making it easy for customer reach. It also makes its products known through promotions and media resulting in high demand around the globe.

Explain the challenges that the company might face

            Davidson might experience some challenges, such as dropping sales due to the worldwide economic recession and the transforming demographics of the buyers. The Davidson’s focus strategy might be appropriate because it can increase assortment programming, control premiums for the products worldwide, focus, and intensify product and image reputation.