Research Paper Writing Help on Gay Marriages

Gay Marriages

A gay marriage is the union between two individuals of the same sex. Cases of gay marriages are rare because most of the world cultures are against such unions. The United States’ government has legally recognized the union between people of the same sex. My position on gay marriages is that they should not be allowed. In opposing this position, I look into the biases that I encountered in support of same sex marriages, which include; the beliefs that gay marriages are more stable, gay people can have children and that they can economically boost the nation or state that has legally recognized it.

Can gays have children?

Gay people can have children by adoption, donor insemination, surrogacy, or co-parenting arrangement between the gay couples. They have the same desires as those of heterosexuals in relation to their needs to raise children. The society has however not appreciated the idea of the gay people raising children basing their argument that children raised by the gay community become stigmatized (Bicknell et al., 2014). The fact that the children’s fathers are gay may influence the children into becoming gays too. The society also fears that the gay may also be tempted to molest their own children terming them as sex predators. The children have also the right to be raise by their mother and father. Surrogacy allows the gay men to have children who share similar genetics with them, which saves them the challenge associated to the adoption of children. Gay fathers are more responsible with relation with their will and ability to address to the needs of their children as compared to the non-gay fathers. The gay couples are known to give reasoning guidance and set limits for their children, which are a clear indication that they are more caring and responsive than the non-gay men. The gay people must however ensure that they legally obtain their parenting rights from the relevant authorities as safeguarded under the Equal Protection clause of the United States constitution.

Are gay marriages stable?

It is the right of every child to be raised in a stable family. The main reason that the government is in support of the gay marriages is the fact that the development of the children, who represent the future of America depends on good parenting. The children that are raised by the gay couples have a sense of protection and enjoy the benefits and rights that foster their well-being. The legalization of the gay marriages is thus of key importance since this is the only way of ensuring that the children raised by gay couples enjoys the same rights as those raised under traditional family set up (Leofstreom & Lofstrom, 2014). Gay marriages are known to be stable in terms of financial stability and promotion of equality within the family set up and the society at large. The adoption of the gay marriages promotes cultural diversity and contributes to the life of the people in terms of their social, political, financial, and spiritual life. This further promotes the establishment of a non-discriminatory society.

Does gay marriages economically benefit the Country?

New yolk city realized an income of approximately $260 million after the legalization of the same sex marriages. The states that have legalized gay marriages have realized growth in the tourism industry as a result of the visits by the gay community from nations and states where gay marriages are illegal (Richman, 2015). The opponent of this position claims that the legalization of same-sex marriage further weaken the family unit.

Group identification that has influenced my bias

Many world religions and traditional beliefs are against same sex marriages. Some of the main religions such as Christianity and Islamic religion terms same sex marriages as immoral, unnatural and a sin. The legalization of the gay marriages has granted individuals in their respective state the freedom to practice their beliefs and celebrate their sexual orientation. This has assisted further in the realization of the civil rights, which has been in the past limited by the religious and cultural practices. The gay community has now found a reason to love and get married to the partner of their choice. 

How I would feel if Marriage Order was reversed

The majority of the marriages in the United States are the apposite-sex marriages with the same-sex marriages forming the minority. In the event that this situation changes with the same-sex marriages being legal and the opposite sex marriages being illegal, I feel that the society would suffer from similar challenges to those that it is suffering today (Richman, 2015). Some individuals and the society would gradually recognize the idea of opposite sex marriages. The society would also gradually grant them the health insurance and other benefits since the people who would approve of it would fight for their rights.


Every individual has the right to love and not be judged based on his or her sexual orientation. My earlier position that gay marriages should not be allowed have changed as result of the believing game. Gay marriages are stable, legal and of beneficial to the Unites States economy.


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