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In my teaching field, there were different development done on the learning programs and academic experiences in the classrooms. First, the early childhood teachers and professionals have access to quality teaching processes that promotes childcare and education programs.  I observed the presence of the programs that accommodates the developmental, cultural and linguistic effectiveness of the children. It uses effective teaching approaches that meet the needs of students with different needs, interests, capacities, and backgrounds. Most important, the developmental aspects in teaching provide the growth of both indoor and outdoor activities.  The inclusion of effective modification strategies helps to respond the child learning processes in the classrooms.

Teachers have has received quality knowledge and professional teaching that exposes he to the children learning and development programs. This supports the diverse needs and interests of the students. For instance, teacher with certain knowledge would influence certain positive behavior to the children as well as creating quality-learning environments. Therefore, the introduction of diverse teaching approaches, modified programs, and qualified teachers has fostered effective growth and development in the teaching field.

             In my teaching field, various demographics can be identified. First, the school programs comprised of children from the urban populations, with rare cases of students from the rural areas. Thus, most of the programs used in teaching were modern learning programs. In spite of all, the population around the school was comprised of low-income earners.  The student learning programs had to consider the language proficiencies for the students. This was focused on creating appropriate teaching and learning models to enhance educational performance in the classrooms. 

Among the students, there are different ethnic and racial composition including Hispanics, African-Americans, and the whiles. 60 per cent of the students were proficient in English language, while the rest were considered migrant students who require learning English.  The administration had a diverse composition to promote the provision of quality education to the students.  For instance, there were general teachers, special education teachers, and resource specialists teachers in the school. This helps to foster diversity in decision making of the learning programs.  Most importantly, the parents were strongly involved in the schools program s including nutrition and citizenship classes. Such programs were important in fostering cohesion and cooperation among the different stakeholders. As a result, the teaching filed was highly diversified enhancing cooperation and understanding.

                The observations made indicate the need to improve the classroom programs.  Both observations and the Program Student Learning Outcomes emphasizes on assess the student’s learning objectives in order to modify the current teaching practices. For instance, the introduction of differentiation learning is an efficient teaching practice aimed at increasing academic success among the students. There is also a relationship between the effectiveness of the academic and non-academic programs in the school programs including the student programs and administrative duties. The observations reveal that the school administrative programs and the student services would be work together in improving the school learning programs. The Program Student learning outcomes for the course focuses on developing the different learning styles to accommodate all children.

Most important, a connection can be established in the need to come up with special programs for gifted children including separate classes and schools.  The special school programs would not consider the racial/ethnic status of the different children.  However, the guidance of the teachers is crucial in assisting in completion of the assignments as well as the solving of calculations and problems.  Therefore, my observations indicate the need to come up with necessary teaching programs that accommodates the children with different abilities and psychological and emotional needs.

            In the future, I think that the field of teaching would rethink the traditional education practices used. The educators would prefer to adopt differentiated instructions for the students that help to enhance confidence and management of the instructions. It will also be possible to implement the expectations of the parent-based on the school experiences. The teachers would be able to adopt different and advanced teaching fashions and styles such as the modification of pace, engaging flexible groups, and the variation of the products used in learning to reflect the student’s needs. For example, it would ask whether the teachers are doing the right thing in using the differentiated approaches, the differentiation appreciates the mixed abilities of the students. 

The idea of using the flexible groups is appropriate, as it responds to the varying levels and forms of instructional materials that suits the interests of the learners. The field of teaching also requires the teachers to use the different learning options to enable meet the needs of each student in the classrooms. Thus, it requires the teachers to used knowledge-based processes promoting confidence and provision of knowledge to the diverse students. Therefore, the future of teaching and learning among children is characterized by diverse classroom strategies and differentiation learning.

  29/9/14 8.00 9.00 1 The identification of the good language learners using their background in terms of the current topic using appropriate learning strategies to promote the understanding of the content  
  29/9/14 11.00 12.00 1  Note taking, the use of different resources, and key vocabularies. The practice of exposing the students to the relevant  
  30/9/14 8.00 9.00 1  The assessment of the readiness of the students, interests, and their learning profile. This helps to create a correlation with the needs of the learners.  
  30/9/14 11.00 12.30 1.5  The teaching of skills including reading, speaking, and listening skills as well as fluency and accuracy.  
  31/9/14 8.00 9.00 1  The teaching of the students the communication skills including interpretive, interpersonal and presentational skills.  
  31/9/14 11.00 12.00 1 The design of the learning experiences relevant for the students and effective engagements to achieve full learning potentials. It helps to identify the interests of the students such as their passion and favorite subjects  
  01/10/14 8.00 9.30 1.5  Rearrangement of the class sitting arrangements and grouping of the students.  This helps to realign the classroom routines for differentiated classroom strategies.  
  01/1014 11.00 12.00 1  Using videos speakers and presentations to enhance understanding among the students.  
  02/10/14 8.00 9.00 1 Giving children the choices of learning materials and activities to promote motivation and engagements.  The selections make it easy for the students to perform their tasks.  
  02/10/14 11.00 12.00 1 Open discussion forums with students to enhance the sharing of information among the students.  
  03/10/14 8.00 9.00 1  Creation of different tasks for students depending on their different abilities.  It helps to determine the level of thinking.  
  03/10/14 11.00 12.30 1.5  Making the students aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This promotes  the discovery of appropriate learning styles  
    TOTAL HOURS 13.4