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Cyber Security


Information security is of importance to any organization. The scope of this paper is to examine the value of implementing, integrating and developing strong information security drivers within Department of Health and Human Services. The research will wrap matters surrounding cyber security. For various reasons, repeatedly Department of Health and Human Services is faced with unforeseen threat from cyber attacks, where, they lose in terms of leaked classified information and manipulated data due to compromised information. To deal with the issue of this threat, a number of key procedures are required to be evaluated and the principal concerns addressed (Anderson, 2003). The importance of the approach is to ascertain that the Department of Health and Human Services is functioning within the secure information provisions.


Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) navigates through these aspects vehemently.  The necessity to guard organization information overrides any other objective. When the information is exposed to cyber crime activities, even the Department of Health and Human Services itself is not secure. Past failures have demonstrated that the organization has never given information security a wider consideration. Nevertheless, due to the emerging dangers associated with cyber crime, it is instrumental that necessary measures are employed to safeguard the interests of the clients and the organization. Presidential Policy directive thus comes at a time when it is highly needed. The presidential directive is instrumental in that it is designed to provide a broader and inclusive framework for protecting information (Pipkin, 2010). Either since cyber, crime is the greatest threat from economic or security perspective, it provides a suitable channel to research on various dynamics such as:

  • Development
  • Implementing,
  • and Integration


Under the executive powers vested on the US president, as defined under executive order 13636, the organization managers or heads is mandated to develop stringent policies designed to cater for the development of suitable information security systems within Department of Health and Human Services. In addition, this element covers all information aspects associated with Department of Health and Human Services. It is thus important to understand superior information security measures are essential in establishing secure and reliable infrastructure. From this perspective, organizational legislation in regard to handling cyber crime issues is healthy for the growth and sustainability of the health, human resources, and security. Development of critical infrastructure would only be effective if the executive orders such as 1336 are executed in Department of Health and Human Services accordingly.


Implementing of designed cyber crime deterrent measures has allowed the Department of Health and Human Services to have a strong foundation of fighting the cyber crimes back. This is after presidential directives are weighted and applied; the outcome has been experienced in all spheres of Department of Health and Human Services (Dhillon, 2007). Proper implementations have permitted for critical evaluation of most susceptible areas within the sphere of information security. The implementation of key aspects of President Policy have seen diverse activities such as cyber oriented organized crime like hacking contained, while shielding the critical clients private information being abused. It is thus important to assert that information security is of paramount value in Department of Health and Human Services. That is why legislation of information security is a definite way of guarding the organization.


Cyber security legislative proposal offers a candid insight into grey areas that can be tapped to enhance information security. The proposal is linked to executive order 13636; the order provides a compact path on how diverse aspects associated with information security can be enhanced. The integration of these facts to the Department of Health and Human Services grid can be of essential weight in solving diverse cyber associated crime. Diverse information dynamics require to be integrated with a secure and well-managed data centre, the goal is to provide the public as well as the organization with a reliable environment to manage information effectively (Harris, 2008). The integration would be in line with the legal stipulations defined under cyber security legislative policy and this is echoed by executive order 13636. In relation to this observation, the scope of cyber or information security is articulated to reflect what the government desires to be done within Department of Health and Human Services without delay to avoid damage or illegal access of information.


Due to the growing and emerging threats, it is important for Department of Health and Human Services as articulated under Executive Order 13636 to employ the basic deterrent measures to fight cyber crime. The general scope is to employ the most suitable security infrastructures.  When the organizations approach is examined, for more   than often it fails to deliver due to unnecessary bureaucracy, it is thus essential deploy the strong point policies, which would provide strong frameworks to cater for security needs. Note that information insecurity due to cybercrime is dangerous both to the department of health clients, employees as well as the private investors. The evaluation of cyber security would help to alleviate cyber insecurity and trim major instances, which could compromise the future of various Department of Health and Human Services grids associated with security, medical scheme, as well as actual public health. To foster healthy security measures, the president policy as well as executive order 13636 need to have clear wide ranging dispensation of fighting the menace. The critical aspect in regard to organization legislation is to adopt the various strategies suggested in the government policies, and more so to integrate them with customized measures, which would enhance proper cyber security implementation measures suitable for the Department of Health and Human Services requirements.


Matters regarding information security are sensitive, the Department of Health and Human Services has to embrace the specified policies to ascertain it has secure information security infrastructure. By adopting various frameworks, it can develop its native structure that is secure and reliable.


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