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“Baby W” is in a condition where the brain was malformed. This abnormality causes some enlargement in to brain, and the child develops difficulty in swallowing. Poor condition of the child is worsened by lack of connection that unites both sides of the brain, and a condition referred to as a genesis of the corpus callosum. The child also suffers from polymicrogyria.

Due to the above complication the baby is bound to develop disabilities. The disability is not susceptible to medicinal interventions since it is a permanent condition.  Weinstein decision to terminate the life of the unborn child is driven by empathy for the child. This is because of the fact that the child would suffered all his life from seizures. In most cases child born with this condition are medically unfit and they are put into life machines to perform simple task like feeding. The principle of beneficence does not support the mother’s decision to abort; it may save lives and at the same time encourage prolonged suffering.

Warren agrees with the woman’s right to decide because she thinks the fetus is far from being fully formed. Warren critically observes and is deeply concerned with those features that alienate and creates moral consciousness in human. Reasoning, communication capacity and consciousness are good examples of the traits.

Firstly, knowledge, allows the human being to experience and recognize emotion. Secondly, reasoning, a process of drawing conclusions, judgments, or inferences from facts or site, enables the human being to acquire knowledge, and understanding. Since it is a means, its usefulness and significance is in its method. Thirdly, the capacity to communicate enables person to find new information sources, and express ideas and opinions for feedback and clarification. Finally, the presence concepts, and self-awareness which develop over lifetime, represents the total beliefs about three interrelated dimensions of the self; body, image, self- esteem, and personal identity (Noonan 54).

Warren supports her final decision of terminating pregnancy by referring to some quotes that stipulates that an object is real because it is visible or existed in the first place. In a situation where it did not exist then the end result would be that it was no more even at the beginning and presumably never will be people will they be.

Termination of the pregnancy with no justification goes against the morals in the society. Principle of beneficence forms the only available to woman who want to abort. God is the one who has the right to take away life and not fellow being whose life also depends on God. Warren presents reasons for thinking that his account of the wrongfulness of killing is superior to any other account. Life is one of the gifts that is precious from almighty and should be held in highest accord at all times no matter born or unborn (Warren 756).Warren is a believer and a champion of rights related to life.  

Warren is keen to infer to a comparison of other people’s lives and tries to convince we are less likely to be pleased with a decision to bring to an end what would later turn to be a promising life. By killing the unborn child we deny a promising future which we cannot fathom due to our human nature. Warren’s continued in his argument on the inter-relation and connection of fetus to the making of human life. It will therefore be incoherent and inconsistence to deny life to potential human like’s beings that would grow to enjoy life as we do.

            Following eminent difficulties that the woman and the baby are likely to face after the birth, I consider it reasonable for the mother to terminate the pregnancy. These difficulties include; social challenges, economic challenges, Psychological Issues, limited access to services Safety and Security. Firstly, social challenges, many children are naturally social and keenly aware of ostracism. Mentally challenge children stand out as different, they being target for ridicule, bullying, and mockery.

Secondly, mental disability can lead to frequent confusion, frustration, anxiety, and anger. Some children, disabled or not, have sunny temperaments and roll with the punches. Thirdly, economic challenges, in extreme situations, the costs of care can bankrupt a family, exposing it in poverty. Financial risks can have direct impacts on the mentally disable child. These include nutritional deficiencies, inadequate essential medications and unpredictable access to medical care due to the high-cost transportation and greater risk involved.

Finally, limited access to services and security, safety medical facilities for specialized care may not be available, which may worsen their condition. Children with intellectual and mental health disabilities stand at greater chance of being sexually abused due to limited physical ability to resist. Dana painstakingly ends the pregnancy after the sonogram detected abnormalities. It shows the great love she has for the “Baby W”. Thus, it is clear that if a person is interested in making life better for the young ones, he or she should consider the most appropriate measure to undertake.

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