Research Paper Sample on Trainer/San Antonio

Trainer/San Antonio

First Source: Dale Carnegie Training Website

The Dale Carnegie training website contains information about the institute and the services available at the Institute. One can register if they want to be a permanent member through opening an account at the site. There exists a number of links on the home page through which users can navigate to experience all aspects of the Dale Carnegie Course. Links include Corporate Solutions, Online Learning, Courses, and Seminars. The interactive nature of the website’s design allowed for

Second Source:

At the online World cat library), I was able to find a number of books by the firm on topics of self-improvement. Scanning over some of the books, I was able to understand the diversity of relationships that we experience and how we can manage those relationships to the best effect.

Third source:

I visited the (to search for Dale Carnegie Training but I failed to find information that I had not gone over previously.

Evaluation and Company Profile

Dale Carnegie Training is one of the renowned institutions in the world for self-growth in the workplace. Through training, we can become better conversationalists and team players in our social setting. The company has a long history that dates back to the publication of Dale Carnegie’s paperback collection. The training has evolved and adapted to fit modern day media from the past. The website makes it easier for anyone all over the world to access resources for training and to keep up to date with other people who are interested in the course themselves (Dale Carnegie Training, 2012).

Summary of a community

When looking for a city I might relocate to, one of the most important criteria I consider is culture, family friendly and an active military community. San Antonio, Texas has both. San Antonio has a large Army base, Fort Sam, along with Air Force bases in the adjoining cities. These stations provided an abundant and diverse military community. San Antonio also has a number of cultural and family friendly activities such as The Alamo, Spanish missions and other historical sites. Just outside San Antonio is Sea World, Six Flags and Schlitterbahn water park, activities for the whole family.

San Antonio’s web site has a number of links related to community and city government, emergency services. The website has links to all types of information everything from city reports and calendar of events about the city and links to the surrounding towns. There is even a link that allows you to compare San Antonio with other major Texas cities. Finally, employment and housing, and access to an international airport are important concerns. The Web site lists job openings with the town itself, and links to housing availability in the area and surrounding cities. San Antonio is one of the rapidly growing cities in the United States and has easy access to an international airport. All of these tools at the tip of my fingers will make it possible to find employment, and locate safe housing.

There are different active community programs in San Antonio that one can participate in. These groups are divided on the basis of age, occupation, interests, etc. The warm nature of the people of San Antonio makes it very easy for newcomers to join and blend in easily. One can also get involved during festival seasons when the community comes together in celebration. The population of San Antonio is entirely diverse. There are the natives, visitors, travelers, and residents who have settled there from other states. There are also residents of various ages, youth, and elderly alike. It is difficult not to fit in San Antonio. Despite the diversity, harmony is maintained. This is boosted by the presence of the military bases. There is a large friendly community of the families of the military personnel. This also ensures that there is security in the area.

            Traffic is relatively low compared to bigger towns. There is a fair distribution of both private vehicles and public transport. An efficient road network improves the road communication in the city. Only at peak hours is there traffic jams at certain points in the city. Traffic police maintain sanity on the roads.

            There are plenty of things one can do in San Antonio. White-collar jobs come in various packages and for various age groups. The diversity of the local art scene is driven by the town’s office for cultural affairs. The Majestic Theatre is a beacon of historical grace for lovers of drama. The Zollie Glass Studio is a perfect place for those interested in glass blowing. There are various galleries for artists for example the Sala Diaz and Hello Studio. For emerging artists, Artpace is the perfect Launchpad for your artistic career. The perfect place for movies in San Antonio is the Alamo Drafhouse Cinema. If you want to keep fit, there are groups that would suit just that such as the fitness classes. San Antonio has a diversity of activities for lovers of art and theatre. There are also events that are suitable for everybody for musical performances and family activities.

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