Research Paper Sample on Quality Measures

Quality Measures

            The Baptist Memorial Hospital is an acute care institution whose quality of service is above average. The institution has most of the necessary structures and processes that guarantee the quality outcome of healthcare service in the institution. However, as it is with every organization, the process measures of quality within the institution require some level of improvement. The structural measures of the institution are as well, lacking considering that the hospital does not have the capacity to monitor the lab results of patients online (Vincent, 2010). Consequently, the hospital lacks an ideal electronic database to conduct the transfer and referrals of patients between visits.

            The best institution to compare the Baptist Memorial Hospital with is the Methodist Healthcare Memphis hospital, which also specializes in the similar service delivery. The structural measures of the Methodist hospital are better than in Baptist Memorial because they allow the practitioners to control electronically and monitor the lab results of patients between visits. The process through which service delivery is carried out in both institutions is excellent although different. As such, both hospitals seem to have effective outcomes at the end of the day. The use of ideal structural measures allows hospitals to become safer, effective, efficient, and timely (Braithwaite et al. 2015). Using electronic materials will allow the hospital top serve patients within a short period and limit the chances of the wrong prescription. Efficient and effective service delivery lead to the improvement of the quality of care hence positive outcomes from the patients.

            Benchmarking is a necessary tool in helping hospitals to align their responsibilities and priorities. Benchmarking helps to point out areas that need improvement in institutions. Additionally, the process teaches professionals within the health industry on how to change their operations for the greater good.


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