Research Paper Sample on Medicine Personal Statement

Medicine Personal Statement

Pursuing and accomplishing my passion and goals have always been my driving force to becoming a conscientious, successful, and perceptive member of the society. Since childhood, I have always been fascinated with the maintenance of life through provision of quality health care. Whenever I visited a hospital, rather than get scared as a child, I would become engrossed observing people walking around in different uniforms, each with a mission to save a life, provide health care, or just to attend to an ailing patient. During childhood, I developed an inherent passion to become a future member of this unique work force that is responsible for ensuring that the nation breeds and supports healthy people using available resources and skills learnt.

            This passion drove me to pursue an education centered towards learning pertinent skills that would be essential in my pursuit in a career in medicine. For instance, during my college and high school years, I became engrossed in clubs where I could build my interpersonal and social skills. These are essential when dealing with people with diverse demographical backgrounds, as well as when retrieving medical histories of patients. Interpersonal skills are also essential during continuous treatment of patients suffering from long-term illnesses since it generates a sense of trust among them for their doctor. In my years of practice, I have realized that one of the paramount qualities that a doctor should possess is the ability to instill a sense of trust in their patients to create close bonds that would assist in the provision of quality health care (Jennings, 2010). Membership in other clubs such as the science clubs were pertinent in the development of the basic knowledge in biological, chemical, and physical sciences that are essential to admission into medical courses.   


            I graduated from medical school two years ago and was thereafter enrolled to the Taibah University College of medicine where I became a faculty member. As a faculty member, I became a teaching assistant where I was more of a demonstrator for basic and some complex surgical and medical procedures. The attachment to the Taibah University College of medicine as a teaching assistant was essential in my improvement of management skills, as well as dealing with a diverse student and faculty population. This was essential in learning the key interpersonal and social skills for people with diverse and dynamic demographical backgrounds.

Work experience

            Aside from my role as a teaching assistant for students in the medical field, I also practiced medicine. After completion of school, I became a resident attaché where I was able to apply my knowledge to the medical field. This exposure was esteem in building my career, skills, experience, and knowledge. As a resident attaché, I was exposed to the patients directly, which was crucial in my attainment of crucial social and communication skills. As a doctor, it was prudent that the application of ethics was adhered to when treating all patients since it was a necessity of my competency standards, as well as my code of conduct (Jennings, 2010).

            An adherence to ethics, competency standards, and code of conduct was essential in not only building my professionalism, but also in my appreciation of management roles and interrelations with work colleagues (Jennings, 2010). Appreciating and respecting the management, as well as executing my roles and responsibilities are important for me to build a culture of professionalism, as well as role modeling for staff under my wing. This quality I believe would be crucial in future since I would like to pursue a leadership or management role in my field of practice.

Residency Application

            I am seeking to pursue a residency program in the field of general surgery at your institution. As earlier stated, it has always being my passion to become a medical professional since my childhood, and I believe that this residency would be essential in my achievement of a career in the medical field where I would be on the frontline in the expedience of medical services to needy and ailing patients. Based on my skills learnt as a resident attaché, I believe that your institution’s goals, objectives, mission, and vision as one of the pioneer institutions in the medical practice field would be paramount in my continual achievement of valuable medical, leadership, and professional skills and knowledge.

            If given a chance to join your residency program, I believe that your team of highly professional and experienced team would act as good role models for me as I integrate into the institution’s core operability and work requirements. I believe that the medical profession is a progressive career where experience and skills are learnt and acquired on a continual basis and I believe that your institution would be paramount in my achievement of this passion and objective. Therefore, I believe that if given the opportunity to join your residence program in general surgery, I will strive to build on the goals and objectives of the institution, while applying my knowledge, skills, attributes.  


Jennings, M. M. (2010). Ethics at work: varying ethics and compliance to suit the individual moral development of employees. Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors. 17-19.