Research Paper Sample on HR Management

HR management


Human resource management is concerned with increasing or advancing the performance of the companies they manage. This has not been very easy due to the changing workforce with different notions. Management capabilities highly depend on the managers’ experience and knowledge of their areas of specialization. A good workforce is an additional benefit to the advancement of the companies for which they work. The performance of all companies is dependent on the type of workforce it has (World Bank, 2011). Employees’ performance is very important in ensuring the development of the company and its profitability. It is, therefore, very important that the managers to ensure that each employee’s performance is up to the standards required for the profitability of the company. The best method of ensuring adequate performance of employees in a company is by carrying out a frequent evaluation on their measured by the level of output in each case. Employees’ performance evaluation Aronson, Fried, & Good, (2002) is the most important way of ensuring that the organization is either making the profit or going at a loss. This paper presents the recommendations on how Wells Fargo would handle the challenges of Work-Life balance that its employees face to Hope Hardison the Director of Human Resources at Wells Fargo

Strategies Recommendations

Changing the lifestyles of the employees does not need much consultation or resources to accomplish given the little complexities involved. Besides, the process of implementing the change does not require elaborate processes. For instance, the organization would need just a few human resource professionals within the company to help enact the changes. Besides, just a few nutritionists will be required to implement the lifestyle changes required for the workforce. The talks shall be organized by the nutritionists to sensitize the employees about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on their performance and management systems. The HR managers will be of prime importance in the enactment of the strategies for managing the employees during the implementation process as well as slotting the appropriate time for the training. According to Bickman, (2007) such training should be conducted during the times when the employees have small workloads especially during lunch breaks them and the organization during lunch breaks or on days with minimal workloads

To develop an effective communication system to determine employees Work-Life balance, the company would administer questionnaires to the employees to investigate the most appropriate time for carrying out the training. Questionnaires are chosen for this process due to its ability to probe in-depth understanding of the underlying factors relating employees’ work-life (Cohen, Cohen, West, & Aiken, 2003). Based on the questionnaire findings, the communication platforms enable the human resource managers to rate the efficiency of its Work-life strategies, and make the necessary adjustments to meet the needs of the employees appropriately. Moreover, other strategic options such as training employees and supervisors on how to be efficient and to handle stress would be incorporated in the typical employee development activities. Therefore, Wells Fargo does not have to change the organization’s calendar or allocate more resources than approved in the current budget for training of its staff.

Also to these recommendations, the company will, have to change or shift their shifts as well as working hours for the employees. Changing the working hours or shifts will help the human resource managers and other persons involved in the implementation of the program to allocate adequate and appropriate time for carrying out the training processes. The training and communication times are scheduled to happen when the employees have low workloads and at their free times such as during lunch break. Time allocation, therefore, will have to involve the adjustment of working hours and events to fit well with the companies production needs. Moreover, stakeholder consultation will be primary to the success of the strategies implementation for this project.

Owing to these facts, telecommuting and increasing the resources allocated to Work-Life balance would require consultation and review by the necessary stakeholders before implementation. The key stakeholders that will be consulted during this process will include the staff, managers, directors and the support staff. These strategies may cause a change in organization structure or require additional resources to implement. Therefore, it is necessary for the human resources to consult both the employees and other stakeholders to get their opinions on the right implementation strategies on work-life balance (Cohen, Cohen, West, & Aiken, 2003). Moreover, the board would also be required to approve these changes so that they would form part of the Human Resource department future strategies. Also to these, Wells Fargo human resource management would also have to roll out a campaign aimed at sensitizing the employees of their rights to obtain flexible working hours from their employers.


Proper planning strategies are essential for successful human resources management. Companies are constantly looking forward to developing human resource pool that it efficient and effecting in meeting the demands of the organization. This can be done by ensuring the balance between employees’ work and life situations. This paper has provided elaborate recommendations on the most appropriate measures to be taken by the Wells Fargo Company to implement the employees’ work-life balance.


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