Research Paper Sample on BSN 4100 Module 16

BSN 4100 Module 16

            This course has been essential, as part of the units covered in nursing. There are significant lessons I have taken in pathophysiological processes of the human body systems. I have understood how to apply physiological principles in comprehending pathophysiological processes within the systems of the human body. I have also understood the differences between physiological functioning and the pathophysiological processes in the human body systems. I can now analyze the correlation between signs and symptoms and pathophysiological processes of defined illnesses and diseases in adults. I am able to analyze critically presentations of signs and symptoms as realized in pathophysiological processes.

            All these lessons have been manageable, as they have been sub-divided into 16 weeks. The period enabled me to understand the course, its lessons, applications, and analysis. I have managed to differentiate the various sub-topics and functionalities of the body system. Through the tests given at the end of every week, I have managed to gauge myself on what I have understood and how far I can apply the lessons in my profession. In addition, these quizzes have helped me to gauge myself on my competitiveness in the field. The mid-term tests and other examinations have helped me realize my academic strengths and challenges, and areas where I need to improve on. For instance, I need to discuss further the lessons with my team to be able to handle the practical confidently. The use of multiple power-point presentations has made me exercise my technological prowess. Other than having the theoretical skills, I can technologically present the acquired information to the rest of the team members.

There is a need to incorporate practical lessons as part of the tests so that the students can competently apply the acquired information practically before they can apply it to the patients. In addition to the power point presentation, there is a need to incorporate research studies in a particular study so the students can be equipped with research skills.