Research Paper on Health Promotion

Health Promotion

  1. In your own words describe what the term ‘health promotion’ means to you?

According to my understanding, health promotion is considered as the process of enabling individuals and community to have control over their own health and its determinants. Health promotion focuses on developing health public policy that addresses the determinants of health, such as environment, income, food, security, housing, employment, and working conditions. For individuals to reach a complete level of physical and mental health, they should have the ability to satisfy their needs and cope with the environment they live in.

  1. Identify a health promotion activity you think is required for the client group with whom you work with. State what the area is and why you think it is needed?

The promotion activity that I think is required for the client that I am currently working with is substance abuse. I have experienced many individuals that suffer from drug and substance abuse. The rate of substance abuse has also been increasing rapidly and, as a result, most of the people are unable to cope, and end up suffering negative consequences.

According to World Health Organization, substance abuse refers to harmful and hazardous use of drugs and other psychoactive substances by individuals that alter their mind or physical behaviors. The most abused substances include alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other illicit drugs. The rationale behind conducting a health promotion towards substance abuse to my client is a negative consequence that I have experienced. Some of them include early pregnancies, increased rate of school dropout, violence, accidents, crime homicide, and suicide among several others. Studies have also shown that drug abuse can cause diseases, such as lung cancer, liver cancer, brain damage, heart diseases, and other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The health promotion I will use aims at helping these individuals to manage their drug abuse in a way that increases the benefits, and at the same time reducing the harm. The health promotion will look at three areas, which include regulating the supply of the substance being used by enacting appropriate restrictions, encouraging safe drug use, and increasing health awareness of individuals by encouraging them to become responsible. The campaign will focus on creating the risk associated with drug abuse.

  1. When planning a health promotion activity, what resources need to be considered for an effective campaign?

Health promotion is an activity that involves, planning, implementing, evaluation and dissemination, and process evaluation. Planning is a fatal stage since it helps in determining resources required for the promotion. In addition, there are several resources available to conduct health promotion campaign. These resources are available from health promotion agencies, research bodies, and government departments. When planning for health promotion plan, proper resources should be identified since different resources are effective depending on the promotion strategy that will be applied. However, there is an integrated health promotion resources kit that has all the necessary resources required for health promotion, but campaigners are encouraged to innovate their own to match their own campaign. Some of the common resources that are needed to enhance the effectiveness of health campaign include booklets with relevant information on the health activity being addressed, pamphlets, posters, banners, clothing, decorations among many others.

In our health promotion on substance abuse, the following resources will be used: a venue where the campaign will be conducted, music to attract people, clothing with the intended message for the campaign, decorations, posters, time, pamphlets, and a team of voluntary members. Finally, the most important resource for the health promotion campaign is the funding to finance all the activity.

  1. What do you need to consider prior to developing a plan of how to organize this activity?

Since my CALD clients appear not to be getting health messages on areas, such as substance abuse, sexual health, dental health, and mental health via normal channels like magazines, media, and doctors report, we are planning to conduct a series of five workshops. There are many factors that need to be considered prior to setting the development plan. This includes demographic aspects, health reports and data available, service data collection, the community, regional health and promotion plans, and the state of national priorities.

The demographics elements include age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, social class among others of the targeted population. In our case, we are targeting CALD clients who are individuals from different ethnicity, and thus they have language barriers that prevent them from seeking treatment or medical advice. The group also has different social lifestyles that influence their behavior, and contains people of different age and gender. Therefore, when developing the promotion campaign, the team members must consider all these factors. When considering the available data, CALD community has limited information on the health issues, however, issues surrounding them are known, such as poverty, polluted environment, and low social status among others.

Service data collection involves difficulties that will be experienced when collecting information from the target population. For the CALD community, the promotion team is aware that they lack social support, have poor social network, and are isolated. On their behavior, most of them smoke, live on poor nutrition, and practice unsafe sex, and high rate of substance abuse. The team should consult with community stakeholders when evaluating the best strategy to use when carrying out health promotion campaign. The stakeholders include government, community health centers, local government, health promotion agencies, and other community organization. They should also consider the available health promotion plans to determine their effectiveness. National priorities should also be considered to determine if the workshops on health is in line with the government plans.

  1. Many health promotion activities will involve working with a number of stakeholders to plan and implement the activity.  What skills and resources are required to achieve to this?

As depicted, for health promotion to be effective, it will involve working with various stakeholders, such as government, health organization, and community organization among others. Consulting the stakeholders aims at assessing the financial needs, determining the available resources, skills, and knowledge, determining ways to generate the required resources, and building an organizational structure.  This activity requires skills and resources to achieve. The skills required include ideas on the relevant health topics, ability to cope with stress, and high esteem.

On the other hand, resources required include information leaflets, an outline of the strategy, budget of the promotion campaigns, timeframe when the promotion will be conducted, resources that need to be developed, information on the target group, and an evaluation strategy that will be used to determine the effectiveness of promotion campaign.