Research Paper on Egyptian Court Sentences Exiled President Morsi to Death

Egyptian Court Sentences Exiled President Morsi to Death

            The article talks about Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi who was ousted from power. An Egyptian court found the deposed Egyptian president guilty and sentenced to death. Aside, Morsi was charged with the crime of fleeing prison in 2011 and sentenced together with other hundred people, when the Egyptians revolted against the former president Hosni Mubarak (Malsin). The writer of the article believes that the sentencing on Morsi is one of the weaknesses and failures of the movement that removed Hosni from power. Mr. Hosni was the Egypt’s first president to be elected freely and now facing death penalty, charged with escaping detention of the paralegal. Hosni is also facing death sentence, same as his predecessor. Many Egyptians hope that one day the paralegal detention would end.

            The courts decisions on sentencing Mr. Morsi to death has been viewed by members of his party and other Muslims as negative effect of the authoritarian rule in Egypt. Many view him as a martyr. The ruling delivered by judge Shaaban el- shamin in an auditorium outside in Cairo city. At the hearing, Morsi was in blue prison uniform barred in a metal cage inside the courtroom together with accused persons from Muslim brotherhood party (Malsin). The judge read a list the persons found guilty and sentenced to death. The prisoners upon hearing their names and the sentence passed, shouted Allahu  Akbar, means translate to God is great.

            They chanted anti-military rule at the end of the hearing. After the verdict was read, unknown gunmen murdered the three judges. The three were killed by gunmen and it could not be confirmed if the killing had to do with the sentence passed on morsi. Morsi escaped prison with other people and could not be charged during his rule as the president because the law protected him (Malsin). Reports link Palestinians as the one who facilitated his escape, later 70 of them were among persons sentenced to death.

            Morsi was also guilty of conspiring with other forces to bring chaos in Egypt. Many other names are mentioned of people who have been threat to the national unity and peace. Scholars like Ms Ghobashy have argued that the military rule tried to prove to the Egyptians that freedom in choosing a leader remained a dream yet to come true (Malsin). It should be remembered that the death sentence on Mr. Morsi comes a month later after he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for illegally detaining protestors, torturing and inciting violence on the Egyptian people.


            The article discusses the death sentence handed to Mr. Morsi by a law court. Violence has roccked Egypt and Morsi seen as the cause of the continued unrest, which has seen many Egyptians lose their lives (Malsin). The uprising that removed Hosni from power is the same that has removed Morsi and critics argue that such uprisings do not really have a happy ending. Sitting government should be given time to work and not to be subjected to the mob justice. Such uprising witnessed in the urban world has not yielded democracy, but some heightened the problems. The Egyptian political environment would not have been better if another civilian leader was to be elected. The military rule, even though considered authoritarian by others, may remain to be the best option for Egypt right now.

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