Research Paper Help on Women and Gender

Women and Gender

            Women have risen from ashes to leave a great mark in various facets of life such as entrepreneurship, education, literature, science and engineering, profession and music just to mention a few. Women have not been held in social boundaries that had been put for them particularly by the society and cultures. These cultures particularly required women to undertake chores that only related to the home such as cooking, washing, child care and so on. Women are motivated by the fact that they should also be distinguished as men in the global arena. Many women have risen up social ladder to ascertain they are also made of steel and can virtually be accomplished in any field if they put the same energy and effort into their respective fields that they intend to pursue. This paper will discuss the key factors that play a key role in shaping men and women’s in their early childhood and education life and how it influences their success in life. To achieve this goal, the paper will give a broad analysis of the article ‘“Bros before Hos”: The Guy Code’ by Michael Kimmel.


            According to Kimmel (2008, p. 610), he vividly explains that men are prepared for the tough life, ahead from their early years in life. As a result, men are likely more to live to their life expectations as they work themselves up the career or social ladder. For instance, when men are asked what makes up a man they give varied decisions such as “not crying”, “taking issues in the society” and “Ride or Die” just to mention a few (Kimmel, p.609). All these attitudes signify the predominant attitude in men of not doing little things and taking the bull by its horns.

Men have various attitudes, social values and traits that influence them on in their lives. Men are motivated by various people in their lives to tough up in their lives. For instance, a sophomore at Wake Forest says he was motivated by his brothers to take hard activities like sports. His brothers continuously hulled insults at him for always remaining indoors playing computer and video games using his X-box (Kimmel, p.611). According to Don who was played American football during his days at Lehigh, says that he was greatly influenced by the voice of their coach who consistently pushed them to toughen up (Kimmel, p.613). These acts are the ones that shape men’s courage, bravery and toughness.

Moreover, men incline their images more towards wealth, power and status. Men are motivated to climb up the social ladder and be influential in various facets of life such as sports, music, entrepreneurship and corporations. Men’s always tend to compete with each other, this is known as homophobia (Kimmel, p. 612). On the other hand, women are not influenced by the same factors in their early lives that could lead to courage and bravery. Women tend to claim a lower place in the society which leads to them being looked down upon and not treated as equal partners (Kimmel, p. 611).


            Men are motivated from their early periods in their life through their education to take the bull by its horns. As a result, they develop traits of courage and bravery that is likely to play a key role in their success. Women should also be encouraged in a similar manner to toughen up through various team building programs that don’t direct the same harshness like to men.

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