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Wedding management


            The family faces a lot of challenges today ranging from same sex marriages, to cohabitation to divorce and separation. The society is even giving up the hope of restoring value to the family. The damage that has occurred and continues to be seen is irrepairable. I choose to answer questions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 as below;

Question 1: Challenges that married working women face

Women do not have enough time to tend to their families. As such it leads to divorce, separation, and loss of child custody among other things. Some even opt to quit their jobs in extreme cases.

Question 3: Ways in which men can be enticed to start and finish their college studies

The best way to have men in schools is to make the academic environments to set for them high expectations. Benefits of school such as job satisfaction should also be emphaized to them.

Question 4: Reasons for increase in cohabitation in the younger generation

There are basically three reasons that have led to this: secularization, individualism, and unstable families.

Question 5: Risks associated with cohabitation

The major risk is that it leads to more separation and divorce. This is because of lack of commitment which comes with getting married before living together.

Question 6: Collusive adultery and no-fault divorce legislation

Collusive adultery is an instance where a couple agrees to testify to the court about an alleged adultery act which never really happened. On the other hand, no-fault divorce happens without a legal ground to support it.The only reason may be that the two people can no longer stay together due to “irreconcilable difference.” The law provides for no-fault divorce. As for collusive adultery, many courts have granted divorce based on such grounds without their knowledge.

Question 9: Factors attributed to increase in same sex, intercultural and interfaith marriages

Legalization of same sex marriages is the primary reason it is on the rise today. However, intercultural marriages are on the rise due to globalization. Interfaith marriages frequently occur today due to delusion. The reality is people who stand for different faiths are unable to raise a family together.