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Threat Risks


            The Democratic Republican National Conference is a very important event to American citizens. For it to be held with a lot of planning and consultations should take place to ensure that the event is secure. There are many threats that the DRNC planning committee should look at to ensure that they are dealt with before the conference. The major ones are in the security and weather. They all affect the people attending negatively if they are not checked at keenly. Theremight be a huge turn up and security for all the people that attend should be ensured. The risks can be handled well before the event through good planning and finding solutions that are going to minimize the risks. In this paper, I will point out the risks and how they can be tackled before the convention day.

Keywords: Democratic Republican National Convention

Several risks were pointed out to have a possibility to be associated with the DRNC. One of the major risks that were brought forward was that there was going to be a 20% chance of a storm. This was reported by reported by the meteorological department saying that people did not have to fear. However, if the storm was to start just after the convention had begun then there will be a risk that the people would have to leave. This would scramble the meeting, as the number of people who would want to come back will be very few. Weather has always influenced the holding of meetings and conventions in a negative way. Although there was a zero threat and only 20%chance that it will rain, weather remains a very big threat to the holding of the convention on that day (Nelson &Rys, 2011).

The next risk that posed a big threat was the crowd getting out of control. This will show that the whole organizing of the convention and the leaders were not well prepared. The number of people that are interested to come to the convention is unknown. The people might come in large numbers and, therefore, exceed the amount of security that has been placed. If the crowd gets out of hand, everything will be ruined and the Democratic Republican National Convention. The audience cannot be predicted how it will react on certain issues. Planning for more than enough security will also prove a loss and the understaffing is very risky. It might disrupt the convention totally and lead to the end of the convention. The security is a risk in any gathering that has been arranged. Security risks are the most severe and therefore need a lot of concern.

The solutions that can be made for these risks ahead of time are simple.For the weather, the convention can be held at a time there is absolutely no threat at all in the same day. If there is only a 20% chance that there is going to be a storm, the time can be adjusted to a more favorable time that will be suitable for everybody. There will be no chance that the storm will in any way stop the convention from going on. The people can also be informed so that they can come with their umbrellas and other protective gears so that they can be able to shield themselves. This can be done through the advertising of the convention to the people. It will prevent the little rain that may come and if it turns out to be a sunny day against direct heat. This will therefore prevent any other weather calamities that may occur during the convention apart from the rain.

For the security, a back unit can be planned and called upon if there are more people than it has been expected. The backup will provide cover for the security guards that have been put in place. They will increase the number of security if they are overpowered by maintaining the crowd. The units can also move in if there is any kind of unrest that can be seen. The back up units can even play bigger roles that are still unknown. They can also be used for any extra activities that come up. Therefore, having back up security in backup to respond to a call if there is unrest is important. This should be consideredbecause there might be unrest in such huge conventions.


The convention might encounter some challenges that can also be considered as risks. Weather and security are the most predictable risks that may occur during the convention. They can however be tackled by early preparations against them. They might not have the ability to occur at the time but early preparation is mandatory. It will make sure that the meeting is a success and that the audience is not affected negatively. These preparations are also recommended for any future conventions like this.


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