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The Straight Story

Two problems that affect older adults are the inclination to hold grudges for too long and susceptibility to chronic diseases. The problems come out clearly in the movie “The Straight Story”. Alvin Straight is preoccupied with a grudge against his brother for ten years while Lyle suffers a stroke and is critically ill.

Alvin is a 73-year-old man who has been holding a grudge for ten years against his brother Lyle due to a falling out the two had. It takes a stroke to convince Alvin that he needs to forgive his brother and visit him. He does not know how to drive and does not believe in being driven, taking a bus or flying. As a war veteran who mowed his lawn, he builds a trailer and hooks it to his lawn mower. He drives the lawn mower for more than 300 miles to visit his ill brother. It is surprising that brothers cannot visit or talk to each other for ten years due to a misunderstanding. This is wrong, and it should not have taken a stroke for one of them to attempt forgiving the other. They had an option of engaging a third party to talk to them and convince them to forgive one another.

Lyle is very old and has experienced a life full of challenges that had made it very difficult for him to remain medically stable. At his age, he always suffered from diseases that come with age but the worst was the stroke. Lyle could not afford proper medical care and only relied on friends to assist when there was need to. Diseases relating to old age can be controlled by having adequate medical care and having family members support. The community should come in handy in such situations to help the old and provide them with proper medical attention established in elderly care homes.