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The Road to World War 1


The First World War is a significant event in history. It symbolizes the beginning of the power wrangles between different countries, in search of allies and superiority. According to Soroka (2011), the military defeat of Russia by Japan fueled the coming together of Britain, France, and Germany. These countries had been rivals before but now came together with a common purpose. The alignment and reactions by other countries to the unusual friendship may have been the cause of the war.


According to an article on, (1914) about the world war, Britain was powerful, and Germany wanted as much power. As such, the former viewed the latter as a direct rival who threaten its power. During the war, there were alliances between different countries. The major alliances were grouped into two; Triple Entente and Triple Alliance. Another cause cited was patriotism or nationalism. The citizens loved their countries so much that if it meant going to war to prove that, then they were ready for it. During this period, countries such as Portugal, France, Spain, and Britain had many colonies. Germany wanted as many colonies too. Germany managed to bring its people together in search of recognition as the World power.

The war was ready to happen, but it needed something to spark it, call it a reason. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, an Austrian, by Serbian militants, served the purpose of a flash. Serbia was considered as an ally of Russia. Austria went ahead to invade Serbia and in support of Serbia, Russia interfered. Germany then decided to declare war on Russia due to its attacks. During this time, France and Russia had become great allies. As such, France mobilized its troops to support Russia. Germany then decided to wage war on France as well. Germany decided to attack Belgium on its way to France. That got the attention of Britain who declared to fight Germany in an attempt to protect Belgium. Germany failed in its pursuit by attacking Belgium, who was declared neutrals in the war. Canada was great allies of Britain mobilized troops to come and support Britain in its war. The war was now on. Many nations that had been colonized by Britain also offered a hand to help Britain in its quest.


The article tried to bring the important factors that contributed to the war and what led to the war. The alliances and nationalism together with lust for power resulted in the war. The article has been argued out to have stated the steps one by one to the point where the war was inevitable.


Ultimately, the First World War was mainly a war of friendship and territories. It was a war of power at play. The friendship between the different countries was also a way to protect themselves. It meant expanded military force. Germany could be said to have catalyzed the war by its poor choices and fighting techniques.


In my opinion, the article informs on the events that made a war that could have been averted happen. Countries wanted to be allies with other countries. Moreover, they made enemies with the enemies of those countries. The result of which was a war.


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