Research Paper Help on The Politics of Bureaucracy


Change is constant. Organizational changes are dynamic and are driven by external and internal forces. These changes gain significance with time due to changing market values, structural adjustment and political environment. The relationship between economics, political, social and technological, is more vibrant than decades ago.

Political environment

For a manager to operate effectively today, political aspects must be incorporated into all spheres of planning and decision making. From any perspective, political dynamics is linked, it is challenging to plan without either factoring political, economic, technological or social disposition. In all instances, when political environment is not blended with others the decisions or plans may backfire. Political environment are used either by politicians or the governments and can have profound impact on the organization.

 Economic Environment

            It would be important to posit that economic dynamics, diminishing market centralization and globalization, have shaped and transformed the modern world considerably (Peters 49). Time changes, so do organizational requirements, today organizations are witnessing economic changes which cannot be separated from social and political frameworks, with consideration to how politics relates with economics, and how technology relates with economics and social structures, the very nature of organizational management becomes a subject product of external and internal factor generated by these dynamics.

Social environment

Since public organizations are more open to the public, they witness a myriad of challenges, it is important to incorporate social attributes for the benefit of the company. In regard to previous years, today’s public is more informed and the information flow is quite dynamic. In recognition of that, the manager must act within limits which will not disturb current economic, social, political, and technological equilibrium. The foundation of any organization must be based on social aspects and ignoring them either in planning or making decision can have negative impact on the organization (Judd and Swanstrom 84).

Technological Environment

Access to information is determined by how technology is handled. The public domain is now determined by technology that is how we pay for services or receive money. Technology simplified how things were done earlier.

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