Research Paper Help on The Community Chinese Restaurant

The Community Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant is a public place that provides food and beverages on a commercial basis. It is open to all people who need to take refreshments for money. In the modern world, people want to be served with class; they expect high services in exchange for their money. Many people visit the restaurant for different reasons, for example, meeting a friend or going to have a meal. The Chinese restaurant in our community is a good example of an excellent service restaurant. For many years, this restaurant has efficiently served the community by offering ethnic cuisines. Some essential factors have influenced repeat customers in the community restaurant, making it the best restaurant in the community.

The community Chinese restaurant has continued to offer a cultural entity by producing and servicing a needed product in the society. The restaurant acceptance into the community has been apparent because majority of the people who eat here enjoy the Chinese food; the flavor and presentations offered are perceived as excellent. Rachael Tan, a regular consumer in this restaurant, revealed to me that the food offered here presents one with the possibility of self indulgence, she said, “It is hard to look somewhere else, when there is a restaurant that can offer perfect pork dumplings”. By looking at what is offered in the restaurant, it is evident that customers here enjoy the immense flexibility of food variety and quality. In other words, both meat and vegetarian lovers can all find what they love.

Food is vital not only because of its nutritional values, but also other value dimensions, for example, friendship and family values. The Chinese restaurant is a perfect spot for meeting with friends and discussing issues. Many people order for wonton soup while having a chat. Many customers always anticipate having fun at this great restaurant.

The consumers of today desire to have a good overall restaurant experience. According to Chang Jing, “the community Chinese restaurant has attentive service, friendly service, people, flavored food and a rich atmosphere” this characteristic are critical to the success of any restaurant. One attracting aspect of this restaurant is the level of cleanliness; it is always clean. Special care is given to the utensils; many customers like to associate with clean restaurants.

The restrooms are tidy and this affects the customer’s satisfaction positively. The reasonable prices offered by the restaurant attract a large percentage of people into the restaurant; both the young and the old can afford to have a meal in this restaurant. Mary White, a frequent customer, always visits with her family, she says “I can always afford to bring my two daughters and sons here; the cuisine is not only delicious but affordable”.

In conclusion, the Chinese restaurant is a binding factor in our community today. So many factors have influenced repeat customers in this restaurant, making it one of the best restaurants in our community; the delicious cuisine given at reasonable prices is among the many reasons why many customers love this restaurant. The restaurant has served as a cultural center and promoted the cultural diversity by offering ethnic Chinese food. Being among the best meeting points in the community has seen this restaurant experience immense customer flow. I highly vouch for this restaurant. It is the best restaurant and that is why customers in my community will never get tired of it.