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The American Experience

            Through the years, America has experienced different sorts of ideas that have also made a difference to other places. The revolution began with a motive of ensuring that the Americans are treated equally as the English people, as well as enjoy the same rights they had, which was contrary to the views of the English that the colonies were to be treated in accordance to the rules of the royal leader and legislatures. This was among the many reasons that the American colonies in the English Empire had to organize a revolution, and fight for their freedom in their own land.  

The revolution, however, changed the political, social, and economical status in America and has also created a great impact in other parts of the world. For instance, the American Revolution is one of the many events that took place in America, which created major changes in political leadership structures as well as social and economical structures. Furthermore, the American Revolution involved the American Colonies, causing chaos to be free from the British Empire. The events were meant for political transformation, apart from the other changes that the revolutionary events led to; to form the United States of America. However, through the war for the revolution to happen, the Americans were able to achieve their freedom and could run the activities that would help growth in the country themselves. Of all the events that took place during the American Revolution period, it is clear that it would be a revolution war since the changes that took place after the events of the revolution were spread to many areas. It is through the American Revolution that created democratic revolutions amongst other revolutionaries.

Apart from the reasons of the Americans fighting for being treated equally, the Revolution was also caused by the taxing of the colonialist by the British government with them not having any representation, and how the British government was limiting the colonialist from trading with other countries among many other reasons. In addition, of all the reasons that the colonialist had to ensure that the revolution had to take place, it is clear that the American colonies expected anything less than the British government would hear their cry, and if not they began the revolution war to fight for what was right for their people.

The political situation that America had during the pre-Revolutionary period was discouraging due to the fact that a small group of elite people, who happened to also dominate the political activities of each group, ruled all the American colonies. This therefore led to a high level of these colonies opposing each other in activities that would change the system of democracy since they all wanted to rule politically. This shows clearly this group from each of the colonies dictated on political issues, just to benefit themselves. Through this, the people of America were becoming more distant from each other as citizens and creating a big gap between their lifestyles.   

The level of greed largely contributed to a gap in the social lifestyles of the Americans. The elite persons in each colony came up with ideas and policies that would only benefit themselves instead of focusing on benefiting the people of America. However, due the colonial rivalry, it created disagreement among persons in different colonies, which affected how they interacted socially. Despite the difference the colonies created among the people, the Americans held revolution did not lead replacing the elite persons ruling the colonies, and therefore the same rulers would make political decisions for the formation of one nation, similarly to how they made conclusions in their colonies to benefit themselves.

The colonial councils who served as legislatures and other difference sectors of the colonial government managed the economical situation of America in the pre-revolutionary. The colonial governors who were directed by the Ruler of the English people selected most of these colonies, and they appointed them in a favourism manner of elitism. This shows how much the economic factors were being shared with the elite group, discriminating the other colonial people, therefore, creating the gap between the wealthy and the poor to be large. For instance, the Southern planters who took advantage of their political dominance acquired large portions of land for themselves and the colonial council in general. However, the taxes imposed on the colonialist were a major factor that had to lead the Revolution.

The American Revolution was a revolution since it was able to create democratic changes though revolution. The changes that the Revolution created after the events, was a clear indication that America had made revolutions in all sectors involving the nations, for instance politically, socially, and economically. However, in accordance with the other revolutions that have ever taken place, the American Revolution began with demands that were viewed as not being helpful, and the colonialists took the Revolutions and its events serious during and also after the war.