Research Paper Help on Satire Essay about Teen Suicide

Satire Essay about Teen Suicide

Over the years, the number of attempted and success teen suicide has increased in most of western countries. This adverse scenario questions the mental stability and ability of most teenagers. For instance, Ivy a 17-year girl woke up feeling overweight. This is situation highly troubled his mind with most of the kids in the school was laughing at me. I would think it was relevant for her to appreciate her weight and ignore the scoffers. In contrast, Ivy was more concerned with the stories and criticism from her peers in school (Miers, Abbott & Springer, 2012). Apart from all, there are increased health advertisements on the televisions and social media ads. All the ads encouraged for health and fitness in society by encouraging various ways of reducing body weight. However, Ivy woke up and thought it was necessary to lose some weight or transfer the weight to some other body parts.  This was impossible. Since, it required some extra efforts to reduce her current weight. 

As she went to the bathroom, her floor was messy with scattered magazines and utensils from yester night.  Most of the magazines were fashion magazines that showed pictures of the most recognized models in the country. At this moment, Ivy’s stomach was empty and she really needed to take some heavy breakfast.  She was hesitant, but the hungry was took much withstand. She prepared some pancakes, sausages and a cup of tea.  Based on the current situation, it was clear that her mental strength was weak (Romero et al., 2013). Additionally, the situation worsened after her girl friend knocked in the door after completing her morning runs. Ivy felt too fat and mature to run in the mornings. This can be seen clearly through her overweight body.  Her friend encouraged her to join her in the mornings run in the next day.  Late in the evening, Ivy felt fed up with her overweight body and committed suicide at a very young age.   Does this seem so stupid? It is total stupidity to perform suicide for being overweight.  Many young girls would love to be oversize. Ivy was focused to perform suicide from external pressures from the media, friends and negative attitude.

According to Miers, Abbott and Springer (2012), close to 40 per cent of the young persons who committed suicide was influenced by the loss of something or someone important in their live. Ivy seems to lack an average body weight. Depression is the main condition that leads to the suicide of most teenagers in the society. Before committing suicide, the teenagers must have been some low period that lowered their self-esteem. Self-esteem is the feeling of being accepted (Best & Harris, 2013). Even though Ivy has a family that loved her, she still felt unfit in the family and the society. This complete foolishness leads to poor decisions for committing suicide. It is an understandable how a young person can spoil her bright future for mere depression and negative attitude.

Both parents and teachers should continually encourage the youths on the various life issues and matters in order to avoid increased teen suicide in the society. The community must also intervene in preventing teen suicides through creating programs that influences cultural changes and continuous options (Black, 2014). Therefore, the government should invest heavily on public awareness and sensitization against teenagers’ depression and mental stability in the society.


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