Research Paper Help on Sales Portfolio for Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop

Sales Portfolio for Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop

Markets targeted

A Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop is an electronic device that is similar to a desktop but smaller in size, potable and advanced in features.  has a wide range of market for this laptop; since the product has a variety of features this makes it able t capture and increases its demand in the general society. first the targeted market consist of adults This is a group that requires services like internet, taking photographs, online buying and selling, reading different books and many other day to day practical activities. The laptop has a variety of applications making all these services possible to take place. Students also can use the product in many learning fields like internet research, storage of information and sharing of data during discussion

The company also targets teenagers in the society as a whole. Teenagers like social media platforms, playing computer games and listening to current music all this is made easy with the use of this laptop. the laptop is also made to suit the needs of business people like communicating with clients in the field, drown loading and sending of processed data, working on there varies market strategies and completing there business assignments..   Children were also targeted in maters of playing games and cartoon services for entertainment. In general this is an all round product if well handled can perform duties to the user’s satisfactions.

Electronics descriptions and their significance

Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop is a mini portable device with sophisticated features that helps the user in different general life fields. First, the laptop has an efficient random access memory that makes its operations fast in terms of speed making the user access more information in a short time. Secondly, the device has a large storage hard disk that make us store more information for future reference all the soft wares of this laptop need space for storage and this is made possible by the hard disk in addition, the company laptop has  high mega pixel cameras, quality functioning central process unit processors. This services aid in accessing of different items like listening to music, reading different books and daily articles, socializing by facebook and other social platforms, sending emails and other internet services. This device is a convenient one that requires minimum input for maximum output.

Company sales approach

The company has varies marketing strategies in place, first, the company web site is equipped with all the information about the laptop, this give potential clients the best opportunity to access vital information on the device. Secondly, the company has agents that deliver services like customer caring, product marketing and essential information about the overall laptop operations. The company is considering the need to have a good portable device that’s why this laptop is small and efficient enabling it to reach a wide market of target.

The price of the product is affordable to the general public, this makes the product has a wide market demand over other expensive laptops, the company is also using social media to educate the public of the need to have the laptop by posting the device and its advantages. The laptop is portable this makes it easy for use and handling it with different parties. The company has also printed catalogs of the device to reach different people giving relevant information on the laptop. The company agents also will demonstrate how to operate the product by holding different trade shows enhancing a wide public knowledge about the product.

 The Material Components

The laptop has credible market features that help in its advertisement. The product is well designed in our website and has different basic factors like a wide screen for display and clear display. The company will distribute business cards and toll free number to the public for direct contact and verification of the product information. Other items that comes together within the product include earphones and external hard dusk. 

Closing statement

            The company is committed to saving each and every customer in order to meet its ultimate goals; the world leading electronic company with sophisticated services, the world best customer caring company with immediate concern over its customers uprising, satisfactions and well-being. Our agents worldwide all work together to maintain a stronger unit of responsible company-customer relationship. Together we can make the world connected and fit for everyone as our work motto puts it across; one by one we move, two by two we join, three by three we overcome, together we succeed.

General public and county men we are glad to pass this vital information to all, we hope to join hands together and grow together,