Research Paper Help on Initiating Demobilization

Initiating Demobilization

Demobilization is one of the planning methods used when attending to an incident. Therefore, it is importance for a unit leader or commander to ensure that his or her team fills in demobilization check out form. This eases the process of availing resources to the team and analyzing the incidence. We find that it is necessary for the team leader and team members to conduct a post incident analysis for an incident. It creates an overview of the condition of the incident and helping members to adequately prepare for the incident. Information given in the process of analyzing is correctly matched with similar future incidences and presents an easy moment when conducting demobilization to the team. Information gathered is accurate thus demystification of the incident is avoided in health practice.

 However, post incident analysis is prone to group falling, where members tend to rely on the information provided to analyze an incident. This will not provide the actual status of the incident leading to incorrect analysis for the incident. Charting is one of the most effective ways of conducting a post incident analysis because of the following reasons. Charts are a clear representation of incidences using diagrams thus health teams conducts are able to conduct an analysis within a short time. Diagrams are easier to understand than prose writing hence saves time for other processes. Documenting of progress is very crucial in making decision on an incident. It means that we can track our success. In situation where we have an error, measures can always be taken to avert the ordeal. Leaders are to judged success according to the outcome that is subject to misinterpretation.