Research Paper Help on HumanRights and the Environment

HumanRights and the Environment

For a long time Cambodia has had stunted growth due to underperformance in most activities and poor and corrupt leadership. This makes it face challenges just like most developing countries in Africa and Asia. However, it should receive same treatment from developed countries and ensure its environment is safe and also their culture especially Buddhism and human rights are observed by other countries.

A1. The United States ought to take a leading role in ensuring that various countries observe human rights when they engage in international activities such as trade. This is because most countries look up to the U.S as the overall world superpower to look into their interests. However, U.N and other international body organizations have been the ones forefront in ensuring better international relations and observation of human rights and welfare.

A2. The U.S from a general perspective is just like any other sovereign country though it is quite developed making it one of the best in the world in terms of service rendering and human rights observance. Development and wealth does not give it a right to control or arbitrate what is wrong or right in other countries. However, sometimes one country with ability and power ought to take a leading role to make things happen. Hence the U.S may have a duty but it is not their right. Developing countries can’t be forbidden either not to use child labor when necessary because that is the only way to access cheap labor and make ends meet.

A3. Conserving the environment stands to come first before anything else. Developed countries are taking advantage of the developing countries by making the environment unsafe in the pretext of getting raw materials from them. If at all the goods to be manufactured are a necessity, stringent measures should be taken to neutralize or mitigate their negative effect on the environment.