Research Paper Help on How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

Reading Reflection Template

Concepts Need for creativity. Creativity calls for good application of the talent realized. This is very exceptional. When a manager realizes that he has talented members, they need to fully trust and honor these employees. There is therefore need for leaders to create an environment that nurtures talent and creativity. When a manager embraces creativity, he or she in a position to avoid risk and build capacity to overcome breakdowns when they arise. Moreover, they need to overcome fear and be bold enough to face huge risks. All presumptions need to be overcome as managers prepare for challenges, which would bring the developed cultures down. This is through evaluation of the set practices and principles. Creativity calls for teamwork and unity. This goes together with the formed traditions within the work place.  
Presence of culture: This enables managers to work out situations in their own unique ways. A given culture of an organization will propel the organization to greater heights or cause its downfall. A workable culture will facilitate development of better ideas. These ideas are related to the creative minds that form a team in any organization. Since it is difficult to embrace both respect and trust to juniors, it is mandatory for managers to develop a work culture in their areas of jurisdiction. A good culture will attract great people in the organization   hence the ideas, which will flow, will be great. Great culture calls for the managers to give room to the employees to grow and create ideas without any limitations. They should also guide these employees on the best developments for excellence. By maintaining a good culture, manages are in part supporting excellence minds for quality work. The employees then support each other. This leads to greater and better developments.
How would Concepts be used in an organization? Managers can create a conducive environment as part of their culture; this makes it possible for the junior staff to overcome many obstacles as a team. Hence, unity is fostered.
The work culture can be maintained by the through effective horizontal communication. This is fostered when managers can be approached by their juniors and freely communicate. A bond of trust is naturally created by the freedom to interact through communication.  
  Creativity of employees can further be used to bring a culture of open communication. Through this means, employees learn to come up with creative ideas without the help of the leaders. This is regardless of the positions they hold in the organization.
  These employees are able to overcome challenges on their own through the prevailing culture, without the intervention of the leader. However, leaders are required to remain close to the employees to offer direction and develop their creative ideas. This is also achieved through the formation of academic communities in the tertiary institutions.
Of the two, which is the most important concept in your view Maintenance of a favorable culture in the organization is the most significant. In situations where the employees are limited in freedom and expression due to restrictive culture in the organization, they find it hard to develop their creativity. A conducive culture will facilitate development of each employee, which will be the overall success of the organization. As people bond together, regardless of their positions, unity is fostered. This is exemplified by the trust they receive from their leaders and the respect they accord their managers, hence more creativity and excellence.