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Discussion Questions

Discussion 1

The enhanced court charges have acted as a barrier to many people using the public justice system. They successfully exclude those who are not able to afford the charges from obtaining justice and financial remedy for their damages and losses, and hence deny them their rights and justice. The enhanced court charges prevent those who are unable to afford the money from acquiring access to justice, thereby undermining the principle of equal opportunity before the law. Access to court is being sold to the people who can have the funds for it, and denied for those who cannot afford. Rich kids should not use the “affluence defence” for wrongs done since laws ought to be applied uniformly to all, irrespective of how much money a person possesses. Equal treatment is possible under the law if judicial systems embrace the principle that all people are equal under the law, and are entitled to be equally protected by the law. Therefore, every person should be treated equally before the law irrespective of the tribe, sex, nationality, faith, or any other personality, without privilege, favoritism, or partiality.

Discussion 2                                                                                                    

Nowadays, people are living in a world where sex sells, and is used to sell everything. The hospitality industry is susceptible to sexual mistreatment cases mainly because majority of businesses exploit sex in some style with a purpose of attracting customers. This is mainly true because while visiting many nightclubs and restaurants, a person will meet employees wearing revealing, or purely alluring clothes. However, it is not generally true that all of the businesses sell intoxicating beverages since there are some businesses that do not sell them. Employers or managers have a duty to protect their workers from harassment or unwanted attention from customers or suppliers. Managers are legally responsible for sexual harassment involving co-workers if they were aware about it but failed to take any step to bring it to a halt. Managers should create an efficient sexual harassment policy that emphasizes on the illegality of sexual mistreatment, and outlines a clear and proper complaint procedure while ensuring the privacy for the injured party. Moreover, such a policy enables victims to report the act instantly. The policy also mentions that vengeance against persons reporting harassment is prohibited and cannot be tolerated. On the issue concerning the choice of clothing, an employee should decide how “revealing” his/her work clothing should be. It is always fair for a person to wear something he/she feels comfortable and decent irrespective of the nature of his/her job.

Discussion 3

In order to reduce conflicts and violence where alcohol is involved, pub owners should limit the number of people if the pub is overcrowded. The environment whereby the alcohol is being consumed is of greater implication than the quantity consumed.  An overcrowded pub is hard to supervise, and there is high likelihood of people spilling other people’s drinks and hence resulting in confrontation. The design of bars and other drinking places should be alluring and comfortable. This will present an environment that reduces opportunities for violence and chaos. A pub having a friendly and non-hostile atmosphere will provide an environment in which alcohol results in better sociability and happiness among drinkers. Continual review of operating procedures, such as customer service security and training will minimize the violence. There is a need to guarantee ease of supervision and monitoring of clients by the manager and employees, which is crucial for conflict deterrence and control. This entails the elimination of prospective blind spots and a lean towards an open design.