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Critique for Recycling At Home

This paper is a critique of the guide given by on how to recycle different materials in the home ranging from paper, plastic and glass to electronic wastes and metals. The motivation behind the preparation of this guide is to save energy, landfill space and the natural resources. This guide is found at

The grid below is a critique for this guide. The instruction guide is a bit different from the others, as it has not focused on the recycling of one material, but on various items used in homes. Most of these items are non-biodegradable, and they end up consuming large sections of the landfills. Others such as plastics produce toxic gases when burnt while glass posed a danger to the residents of the house when not broken and disposed carelessly. There is a good front matter, step by step section and an engaging back matter section. The ratings of the different parts of the instruction guide are as shown below.

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Rate the following sections as a reader on a scale of 0 – 3

(0 = missing, 1 = confusing, 2 = clear, 3 = persuasive)

Front Matter Friendly opening: 0     1    2    3     Preview of steps: 0     1    2    3     Warnings: 0     1    2    3      Overall:3   Additional Comments: This guide has a friendly opening describing the possible benefits of doing the recycling of materials at home. There are some cases in which it is difficult for the user to re-use or recycle a material like electronics, and the guide provides contacts to organizations that might assist in recycling them. The steps on how to prepare materials are given in a prose manner which is understandable.  Warnings are given on the different types of plastics with information on their recyclable capabilities. Same is given on the different treatment that different types of glass should be given.
Step by Step Chunking: information divided in small chunks 0     1    2    3      Queuing: headings, subheadings, numbering 0     1    2    3      Filtering: textboxes and screens for notes, etc. 0     1    2    3      Visuals: clarity   0     1    2    3      Labels: easy to read/follow 0     1    2   3   Overall: score for chunking is 3; Queuing 3; filtering 0; Visuals 1; and Labels 3. Hence, the overall score is 2   Additional Comments: Information is given in chunks depending on the material whose recyclability is discussed. There are clear subheadings for each of the items to be recycled, for example, plastics, glass and newspapers. There is poor filtering, and the use of visuals is limited. The possible reason for limited use of visuals might be due to the fact that there are many items covered in this instruction manual. The text therefore, covers much of the space.
Back Matter Friendly sign off: 0     1    2    3      Contact info: 0     1    2    3     FAQ, checklist, or other info:  0     1    2    3      Overall:3   0     1    2    3       Additional Comments: A friendly sign off is included where the reader is implored to close the gap and start buying recyclable materials. Contact information is given together with links to other sources of information on the website. The creators of this guide have considered the possible questions that might arise in the readers mind and given answers to them at the link to their FAQ page.